Midsomer Murders is a British Crime Drama series revolving around Detective Barnaby and his partner solving murders in their beautiful local English County of Midsomer. It is a light-hearted detective series with a mixture of dark humour and quirkiness. Barnaby is methodical, fair, and always finds a personal connection while solving the mystery. If you are looking for a relaxing murder mystery, Midsomer Murders it is then. It keeps you entertained and holds your attention without including any gruesome scenes.

Still from ‘Midsomer Murders’

In this episode, a folk festival organiser is found dead with his head in a bowl of water with eels. To every local businessman’s annoyance, he and his co-organiser were planning to shift the long running festival out of the county to London. A visiting musician is keen on helping kickstart the sound Engineer’s daughter’s music career in return for something from the festival organiser. Two more murders take place just how they are described in the folk song. Is moving the festival the motive or some other hidden secret relating to the folk song?

This episode of Midsomer Murders is airing on ITV3 on FilmOn TV tonight at 16:05pm GMT. It can be viewed then or recorded and watched later. Read about previous cases here.

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