Jonathan Creek is a light-hearted British Crime Drama with whimsical settings and intriguing plot twists. Every episode gets you thinking and makes you scratch your head wondering how it is even possible. Jonathan Creek the title character is played by Alan Davies and is written by David Renwick. Jonathan is an illusionist and has knack for solving mysteries. Everything he looks at; he sees a puzzle that needs to be solved. His way of doing things is by elimination. He eliminates all that isn’t a possibility and manages to uncover the mystery by his elimination process revealing the truth. He has a keen eye, pays attention to detail, and has amazing logical reasoning skills. He is quick witted and his banter with Maddie the crime journalist who helps him get cases keeps the show fun and entertaining.

Still from ‘Jonathan Creek’

In this episode, Maddie is approached by her friend to help her solve the mystery surrounding her husband. Independent witnesses claim to see her husband in the UK as well as US a few minutes apart. How is that even possible? How can someone be on both sides of the Atlantic at the same time? She assures Maddie the witnesses are telling the truth. Maddie ropes in Jonathan to solve this crazy mystery to help her friend. It gets even more weird when several hundred witness his death, but he arrives home a few minutes later. Is everyone lying or is he playing a trick on everyone?

This episode of Jonathan Creek can be viewed on FilmOn TV at 20:00pm GMT today. It can be viewed then or recorded and viewed later. Record your favourite TV programs if you don’t have time to watch them live and enjoy them later at your own convenience.

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