Eton educated scholar; the younger son of a posh titled family Alleyn joins CID. A man with an incredible sense of humour and an edge. Inspector Alleyn Mysteries is set in the stately homes and London ballrooms of post-war England. Full of quirky characters with hidden agendas, all brought meticulously to life.

In this episode, the holiday mood is on in full swing, when in the beautiful fishing village, a prominent barrister is found dead. Playing a game of darts at the bar with his friends when he gets struck by a dart on his finger. Investigation starts and points to a case of poisoning, pointing to the heart of the matter, the case soon starts pointing to an old case that started almost 20 years ago.

This episode of Inspector Alleyn Mysteries is airing on Drama channel on FilmOn TV at 20:00hrs GMT. This episode can be viewed live or recorded and watched later at one’s own convenience.

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