With the busy lives we lead, it is essential now more than ever to look after one’s wellness. Swissx is a highly respected and popular lifestyle brand from the Alpine village in Switzerland with its plants grown in Caribbean and products made in Switzerland!

Swissx through its members only platform is offering multiple packages to its Swissx Island Lifestyle Club.

For $ 90 you get an at-home box delivery, each month you can have up to $239 dollars’ worth of Swissx products to sample. All the legal highs that will get you the wellness you deserve!

At $39.95 per month, in your package you get to download the SWISSX TV Ecommerce App, and your world of entertainment just got better! You also get $100 dollars’ worth of Swissx wellness goods to sample and curate. Includes full access to Swissx TV.

With Swissx TV one can watch 1000s of curated Live TV channels from all over the world. Search your favourite groups of Live TV entertainment now! One can watch and shop with voice activated product search from Swissx.com, Electronic Goods, Lifestyle Goods and Services at Swissx Island Resorts! Lotions, Teas, Mushrooms, Oils, Butters, Smokables, Joints – Flower – all of it legal like Coffee For the higher good! Curate your box each month to your favourite products!

For $ 14.95, you also get 24/7 full access to Swissx TV at SwissxTV.com

SwissxTV has to be experienced to be believed. Over 1000 streaming Channels and 5 million Movies on Demand. Powered by FilmOn, Voice recognition in the shows will prompt our system to offer you special our specially curated products and services exclusively available to our Members at Swissx Island Resorts.

The Swissx TV Streaming Player gives you access to unbelievable original content and options to invest in great art and incredible original shows and experiences. There are many secrets you get to learn from our Celebrity and International members. Invites to celebrity gala events in Malibu, the Caribbean and at home in Gstaad Switzerland.

In the NFT Club you get to use Swissx TV and really get to learn about the blockchain revolution, fractional investment in art and how it can empower you. In fact, we are running a partner program with a great Afro Beats Artist from West Africa called Stanley Enow.

Every time a Swissx NFT trades, kids in Africa get a hand up with the Stanley Enow Foundation receiving funds to educate kids and empower them with equipment and opportunities in West Africa and the inner cities of the USA!

Swissx Island’s RastaLand Resort in Antigua

A ton of cool hi-tech gadgets are available on Swissx Island Resorts from Drones, Underwater Scooters, inflatable beds with jets!  You get special offers and invites to our Caribbean locations where you can visit RastaLand and experience a complete personal transformation. This is our lifetime guarantee! Find out more at SwissxIsland.com

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