Swissx is the leading wellness brand from the Swiss Mountain Lab that focuses on bringing the best CBD products to the market. It helps people find relief using plant products.  CBD is the most influential compound today in the market for health and wellness and is used for various plant-based therapies.

Swissx is known for its CBD boxes tailoring them to the specific needs of its customers. Swissx is known for its quality and for its customer base which includes many of the top celebrities of Hollywood.

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Whether you are a pro or a novice user, Swissx CBD box caters to all your needs. One can custom create to include the products one desires and also sample other products. Subscription boxes provide one with the ease of ordering and receiving the products right at one’s doorstep every month and being able to try the wide range of products that are available.

Swissx CBD is extracted from organic grown hemp, made from an organic blend of essential oils including bees’ pollen and coconut. It is rich in antioxidants and has multiple health and wellness benefits. It is used as a popular natural pain remedy that helps alleviate chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Swissx through its various products such as its Swissx CBD goodies, skincare oils, chocolates, flower, joints, lotion and more, provides its legal CBD goodies to your doorstep to help be calm and more mindful towards oneself and help one’s wellbeing.

With more and more research it suggests that CBD provides anti- inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. It is also known to help one in social situations to help one keep calm. It also helps in chronic pain relief of muscles and joints.

At $39.95 per month, with your Swissx CBD box you get to download the SWISSX TV Ecommerce App, and your world of entertainment just got better! You also get $100 dollars’ worth of Swissx wellness goods to sample and curate and full access to Swissx TV. With Swissx TV one can watch 1000s of curated Live TV channels from all over the world.

SwissxTV has to be experienced to be believed. Over 1000 streaming Channels and 5 million Movies on Demand. Powered by FilmOn, Voice recognition in the shows prompts the system to offer specially curated products and services exclusively available to its members.

One can order Swissx Subscription Box directly on the website or on FilmOn through Swissx NFT Club.

Read about Swissx NFT Club  here.

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