Lewis is a British Detective Crime drama set in Oxford in England. The main characters, the good-hearted straightforward Inspector Lewis and the intellectual quick witted Detective Sergeant Hathaway make each episode gripping and keep you guessing. Inspector Lewis was Morse’s sergeant in the original series Inspector Morse. Lewis and Hathaway make a great team and complement each other, their banter keep the show captivating and Hathaway’s intellect keeps you wanting more.


In this episode, a visiting faculty, an American academic gives a controversial lecture, and everyone is left aghast in the audience. Later, he is found hanging in his room. Lewis rules out suicide due to the events that took place the night before. Soon, another body turns up, complicating the matter further.

This episode of Lewis is airing on itv 3 on Swissx TV tonight at 20:00pm GMT. It can be viewed then or recorded and watched later.

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