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Interview: Doreen Taylor Is As Humble As They Come

Posted by lonnie On January - 17 - 2013 0 Comment

Humility goes a long way in this business, but sometimes modesty succumbs to arrogance once success is within reach. Case in point with Rihanna, whose ego has inflated majorly since her “Pon De Replay” days. It takes a considerable amount of strength to deter going down this typical cocky path and to take the route where gratefulness remains at the forefront. Country singer and classically trained artist, Doreen Taylor, would much prefer the latter path. With a degree in vocal performance and a master’s degree in opera, Taylor has already charted a career unlike her contemporaries within the music industry. Dropping three prior albums, which include “Unbreakable”, “Taylor Made Hits”  [ Read More ]

Interview: Jamie Johnston Talks Love Me

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Interview Jamie Johnston Talks Love Me

Creating a stimulating, suspenseful thriller that equally and expertly balances its time between its coming-of-age love story with exhilarating anticipation of its murder mystery can be a challenging task. The new film ‘Love Me,’ which was directed by Rick Bota and is set to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, is the latest thriller to do just that. The movie chronicles the tribulations of discovering new teenage love, set against the backdrop of a town struggling to find the truth about a missing classmate. Actors Jamie Johnston and Lindsey Shaw, two of the main stars of the movie, quickly formed a close bond on set that authentically helped  [ Read More ]

Hollywood Undead Releases Music Video For New Single We Are

January 8th is a celebratory day for the innovative who remain uninhibited by the inviting and easy nature of taking the typical path. Where would the music world be if artists chose to be the next Nickelback? One Chad Kroeger (aka Mr. Lavigne) is enough for my likings. The predecessor of stepping out of the box is the birthday boy, David Bowie. The glam rock father crafted his own music styling and therefore, his own journey within the industry. Although of a much different decade and genre, Hollywood Undead similarly take the path less traveled. Hailing from Los Angeles, the outfit, which consists of Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene,  [ Read More ]

stars in stereo

Stars In Stereo is a band that is just now making a big imprint on the world of rock music. Lead singer and guitarist Bec Hollcraft was able to take time out of busy touring schedule to speak with ShockYa. This interview, recorded Oct. 18, took place during Stars In Stereo’s tour with Blue October. You can check out a preview of their self-titled EP by clicking here. You can also by their single, “The Broken,” on iTunes and learn more about the band by checking out their official site, Facebook page and Twitter page. The video to “The Broken” is below. How did the band get started? Hollcraft: Well,  [ Read More ]

New Horizons

If you’re a Flyleaf fan, you might still be reeling from the news that the band’s lead singer, Lacey Sturm, is leaving. If you still need some reassurance, ShockYa might be able to help. We recently had the chance to talk to Flyleaf’s bassist Kirkpatrick Seals about the band’s new direction, fan reaction, and more. “New Horizons,” the band’s newest album, will be available tomorrow. You can read ShockYa’s review of it by clicking here. I’ve read that Lacey is leaving the band and I’ve looked online and saw tons of fan reaction ranging from sad to overwrought anxiety about what’s going to happen to the band– Seals: (laughs) –so  [ Read More ]


Eve to Adam got started around 2001 when Sassaris and his brother Alex moved from Florida to New York. “We moved from Florida in early 1999 to New York City to find a guitar player where we got connected with Gaurav Bali from New Jersey,” he said. “The core of this band has been together for almost 11 years now, since we released the first album in 2001.” The band’s sound comes from their love for the rock bands of the ’80s and ’90s. “Guns and Roses, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots…Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters…big rock, big choruses, great instrumentalists and passionate performances,that’s always what I’ve gravitated  [ Read More ]

Get Better Acquainted With Pop Sensation, Karmin

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Getting the inside scoop on an artist, not only draws attention to his or her current hit, but can also magnify a personal story. Thanks to the latest craze of artists releasing concert movies and documentaries, fans can get a closer look at how artists achieved their success. What if you haven’t had as many chart topping hits to warrant a feature length film? Simply put, you are an emerging artist who hasn’t had the opportunity to draw in crowds like those of Katy Perry or Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus just yet. Well if this situation is the case then the music program “Soundcheck Risers” can give you the  [ Read More ]

Bill Moseley

Character actor Bill Moseley is in the unique position of having one of those recognizable faces that frequently spawns a sense of unnerved dread or disgust when people place it. But that’s a good thing, actually. With dozens of credits to his name, the amiable Moseley has carved out a position as the star or featured player in a number of horror flicks with high cult appeal. He made his mark as Chop Top in ”The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,” and, years later, Otis B. Driftwood in Rob Zombie’s directorial debut, “House of 1000 Corpses.” His latest movie is “The Tortured,” in which he plays a pedophile and murderer who claims the  [ Read More ]

Cherri Bomb

Cherri Bomb has finally “exploded” with the release of their debut album, “This Is The End Of Control”, which dropped May 15th via Hollywood Records. Yes, this “explosion” pun has probably been overused quite often this year, but the future for Cherri Bomb looks so bright that the cliché is difficult to evade. The teenage rock group breaks the current band trends in just about everyway. All too often in the 21st Century, bands have been competing with other bands of the same genre. How many times have you heard an outfit referred to as the next leading indie band or pop sensations? Bands of 2012 have a taxing time  [ Read More ]

Imagine Dragons Hit MTV With “It’s Time”

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Imagine Dragons

MTV is predominantly infiltrated with a slew of reality television shows, but the network’s roots will forever be soaked in the creative nutrients of music. MTV still brings exposure to emerging artists even though the spotlight is now mostly reserved for the Internet. Every so often a music video makes its way into the televised programming and last week that was the Las Vegas band, Imagine Dragons. MTV chose the quartet, which consists of vocalist, Dan Reynolds, guitarist, Wayne Sermon, bassist, Ben McKee and drummer, Daniel Platzman, as its PUSH artist of the week for April 16th. The PUSH selection was perfect timing for Imagine Dragons, who just released the  [ Read More ]

Interview: The Mystery Behind Imagine Dragons

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Imagine Dragons

Humility is a crucial characteristic that dwindles away from an artist’s repertoire as fame becomes more and more available. Those bands that don’t allow the celebrity to rid themselves of their authentic sound remain high on Shockya charts. With that said, open your arms wide for Imagine Dragons, who are a Las Vegas based band that will never let their soul be tarnished by the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Perfectly balanced between an electronic sound and an organic sound, Imagine Dragons consists of vocalist, Dan Reynolds, guitarist, Wayne Sermon, bassist, Ben McKee and drummer, Daniel Platzman. With a rock core, the outfit’s music travels in just about every direction,  [ Read More ]

After a lauded world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, writer-director, and star, Ryan O’Nan has seemingly announced his presence on his own terms. His “passion” project, Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best, is screening this weekend at the 6th Annual Gasparilla International Film Festival, currently underway in Tampa, Florida. The talented performer is pulling double-duty at the fest, for he’s not only making the rounds promoting the film and partaking in Q&A sessions, he’s also showcasing his musical attributes, as seen in the film, for the festival patrons on an outdoor stage as well. O’Nan met up with yours truly at the historic Tampa Theatre and the guy allowed us  [ Read More ]

Taylor Momsen Of The Pretty Reckless

As much as 90s music fans crave the rebirth of grunge, wariness of how it is resurrected is typically what hampers the evolution of it. Who wants to compete with the Grunge God, Kurt Cobain? Those who have tried to re-root grunge have often failed immediately due to the fact that the grunge ground does not need sowing, rather nurturing. There is no need to clear the roots and replant the seeds. Cobain already provided future artists with the grunge foundation, now it is their job to keep it flourishing by expanding on the 90s sound with the originality of the current decade. Do you need an example of how  [ Read More ]

The 21st Century has done away with A & R representatives and has replaced them with YouTube. While this statement might not become entirely true for a few more years, the music industry has frequently been relying on the video-sharing website to discover the rare talent that is overlooked. Thanks to Justin Bieber’s relentless Internet persistency, the music world has been infected with Bieber fever. Luckily, the high temperatures have subsided due to the latest YouTube breakout artist, Walk Off The Earth. The Burlington, Ontario based band’s cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” has gone viral with over 40 million views on YouTube. The quintet, which consists  [ Read More ]

Andrew W.K. has stood the music industry’s test of time without compromising the 2001 qualities he trended before Twitter was even the fad. The media phenomenon didn’t need the help of a hash tag to attract worldwide attention; all he needed was his positively untamed personality meshed with punk-pop melodies. The iconic Andrew W.K. elements created his debut album, “I Get Wet”, which dropped November 19th 2001 via Island Def Jam Music Group and produced the hits, “Party Hard” and “She Is Beautiful”. The head-to-toe donned in white rocker hosts the Cartoon Network show, “Destroy, Build, Destroy” and is a frequent guest on the Fox News late-night program, “Red Eye  [ Read More ]

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