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The press conference for the Dec. 6 rap battle between Cassidy and Dizaster promised rap fans that there would be awesome lyrics, huge smack talk and tons of hostility. According to TV Mix, the press conference and “Lyrical Weigh-In” for the pay-per-view rap battle on FilmOn’s new Battle Rap TV featured Fresh Coast Media Group’s Lush One acting as the middle ground for the two rappers. “We learned tonight there is far more genuine animosity between Diz and Cas than we could have ever fathomed,” said Lush One. “This is going to be heated.” Cassidy, who appeared at the conference via hologram from the Bahamas–remember, Alki David also has his  [ Read More ]

DJ Will::E Electrik Outlaw EP Review

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DJ Will::E Electrik Outlaw EP Review

Artist: DJ Will::E EP: Electrik Outlaw Label: Let’s Beat Milo Records and Keoki Records HPowerfully emulating the sounds of the artists who have influenced your musical style, while also infusing your music with your own distinctive beats that will captivate listeners, can be a harrowing experience. But the innovative DJ Will::E, a diverse producer who received his first break playing private events in 2004, is now thrillingly commanding the most well-known night clubs and underground events, thanks in part to his creative musical talent and influences. The Los Angeles-based DJ consistently showcases his effortless ability to infuse his music with grippingly original dynamics and bass lines, as well as inspiration  [ Read More ]


Interview: Emily Browning and Stuart Murdoch Talk God Help the Girl

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Interview: Emily Browning and Stuart Murdoch Talk God Help the Girl

Performers are often known for naturally exuding self-assurance and fearless when they promote themselves and their work to their audiences, as they’re always supposed to be confident in their ability to entertain. But when their frailties and vulnerabilities begin to take over and plague their courage to effortlessly present their heart-felt work, their creativity surely begins to suffer. The main characters of the new musical drama, ‘God Help the Girl,’ powerfully understand the difficulties many musicians face as they’re on the verge of their big break, as they’re plagued with self-doubt over whether they’re truly talented enough to succeed. The movie, which marks the feature film writing and directorial debuts  [ Read More ]

Interview: The Cast and Crew Talk About the Musical Drama Frank

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Interview: The Cast and Crew Talk About the Musical Drama Frank

Taking whatever means necessary to achieve your life-long dreams is often an emotional struggle people are willing to take in order to realize their goals and desires. But not everyone truly has the talent they believe they have in order to succeed, which makes the seriousness at which they take themselves much more comical and intriguing. That’s certainly the case with the musical comedy-drama, ‘Frank,’ in which the main characters, who are in a band together, aren’t able to achieve their musical aspirations, as they’re not as talented as they believe. But award-winning Irish director, Lenny Abrahmson, who previously helmed such films as ‘Garage’ and ‘What Richard Did,’ effortlessly engaged  [ Read More ]

The Voices of Terror Rock-Rap Dynasty Album Review

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The Voices of Terror Rock-Rap Dynasty Album Review

Artist: The Voices of Terror (Members/Instruments: Mike Walker and Zero) Album: Rock-Rap Dynasty Production: All songs were composed, mix/mastered and produced by Mike Walker and Zero Passionately expressing your respect and admiration for the people who have influenced your creativity, ideas and career path, while also maintaining your own true personality and confidence, is often a powerful way to garner attention and appreciation for your work. That’s certainly the case with alternative rock hip-hop duo, The Voices of Terror, which honors its mentors while showcasing their true talents, on their newly released debut album, ‘Rock-Rap Dynasty.’ The underground Deptford, New Jersey duo enthrallingly combined aggressive vocals with classic rap techniques  [ Read More ]


FilmOn’s Preparing for its First Live Rap Battle!

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FilmOn's Preparing for its First Live Rap Battle

Alki David’s FilmOn is preparing for its first rap live rap battle! The battle will be part of FilmOn’s new channel created by David and rapper Lush One, which you can read more about here. Two rappers, Cassidy and Dizaster, will go head to head to see who’ll come out on top. Before the battle takes place, everyone will see what Cassidy and Dizaster are working with during a live press conference. The press conference will take place Thursday, Sept. 4 at 3:30 p.m. PST. The announcement is below the post. Of course, you’ll be able to see the conference on FilmOn, so if you’re not using the service already,  [ Read More ]

FilmOn Celebrates Hip-Hop Culture with WHO?MAG Channels

Posted by monique On August - 20 - 2014 0 Comment

You might have read ShockYa’s article about the latest live interactive channel coming to FilmOn, a battle rap channel created by FilmOn’s Alki David and rapper Lush One. The channel will feature many big names in the battle rap genre as well as celebrity guests like Drake and the Wu-Tang Clan. Until that channel gets up and running, you can watch other coverage of the urban music scene with WHO?MAG TV and WHO?MAG Video Vision. We’ve already covered this channel on ShockYa, but with FilmOn’s increased interest in rap and hip-hop, it’s pertinent to highlight these two channels. Both channels promise its viewers tons of coverage of the hip-hop and  [ Read More ]


FilmOn is delving into the battle rap game with street rapper Lush One’s Fresh Coast Media Group. FilmOn is promising to do for battle rap what the UFC did for MMA with a new partnership between Filmon Networks and Fresh Coast Media Group. The channel promises to be “raw, visceral and dedicated to building a massive audience for what has been an incredibly creative, but in recent years underground, part of the hip hop scene.” Street rapper Lush One has partnered with FilmOn’s Alki David to produce pay-per-view events, content, and high stakes challenges around battle rapping adn will use FilmOn’s Battlecam platform to give the fans a place to  [ Read More ]

Geiko’s Aggressive Album Review

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Geiko's Aggressive Album Review

Album: Aggressive Artist: Geiko (Ámaris Wenzel) Production: Geiko (Ámaris Wenzel) An edgy gothic synthpop album smartly interlaced with emotional and pained sentiments of wanting to find love and be appreciated by someone who shares that adoration isn’t the introduction many music fans would expect from an electro Swiss producer and instrumentalist. But the inspiring crossover artist, Amaris Wenzel, who goes by the stage name Geiko, cleverly mixed progressively dark trip-hop indie music on her enthralling new debut album, ‘Aggressive.’ The co-owner of Waving Alien Records in Switzerland powerfully took influences from such groups as Depeche Mode, Nero and Skrillex to instantly draws listeners at the start of ‘Aggressive’ with the  [ Read More ]


Hero For Today Releasing New EP and Lead Title Track All You Wanted

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Hero For Today Releasing New EP and Lead Title Track All You Wanted

Hero For Today, a new Pop/Rock Punk band from Orange County, California, have released their video for the lead title track from their new EP, ‘All You Wanted.’ The group features Rocko Beall, Sam Herbst, Eric Burgoon and John Tessin. The teens have written and recorded songs for the EP that feature catchy and inspirational lyrics and music that listens can relate to, particularly with its powerful and complex guitar harmonies and solos. Both of Hero For Today’s EPs, including ‘All You Wanted’ and last year’s self-titled album, have been produced by Bobby Alt, the leader of the drum-percussion group, Street Drum Corps. The records have been engineered by renowned  [ Read More ]


Watch New Star TV for Free on FilmOn

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New Star TV is available for free viewing at FilmOn. New Star TV is one of the many music channels FilmOn has to offer its music fans. If you’re interested in learning about new, undiscovered talent, this channel is the one you need to check out. The network is, as its description states, “dedicated to independent artists and undiscovered talent. Our goal is to find the best new talent and provide a platform to showcase their skills to the world.” Indie fans can check out New Star TV right here below this post or at its page on FilmOn. FilmOn’s music channels range the gamut from rock, hip-hop, rap, pop,  [ Read More ]

Julian Rhine and Jae-Mi’s No God Flow Single Review

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Julian Rhine and Jae-Mi's No God Flow Single Review

Artist: Julian Rhine feature Jae-Mi Single: No God Flow Production: GC Castillo and Sebastian Apolinario Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are some of the most important unalienable rights the American government proclaims to offer to all its citizens, and has sought to protect since the country’s inception. However, moral and legal persecution for alternative lifestyles is still a thriving source of conflict in modern society. Hip hop/pop musician Julian Rhine is a strong and memorable proponent of pushing American politicians and society to finally practice what it preaches in its Declaration of Independence, and end persecution for alternative religious and romantic beliefs. The New York City-based artist strongly  [ Read More ]


The Lost Poets’ Insubordia Album Review

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The Lost Poets' Insubordia Album Review

Artist: The Lost Poets Album: Insubordia Production: Alex Holmberg MFG Studios and The Lost Poets Pushing your limits to fulfill your desire to improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals can often be a dark experience for many people, no matter what their background is or how they previously lived their life. While there are many different approaches to how people can change their harrowing situations, the Stockholm-based rock band, The Lost Poets, drew on confidently heavy and deep ideas to infuse into the songs on their new debut EP, ‘Insubordia.’ Drawing on such influences as Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie and Soundgarden, the Swedish metal band enthrallingly  [ Read More ]


The Devine Xperience’s Self-Titled Album Review

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The Devine Xperience's Self-Titled Album Review

Artist: The Devine Xperience Album: The Devine Xperience Label: Let’s Beat Milo Records Executive Producers: Edgar Montiel & DJ Keoki Recorded and mixed at: Robert’s Recording Laboratory Music can often powerfully engage people’s senses and bring them on an emotional journey as they relate to the gripping lyrics singers infuse into their songs. But musicians who can truly showcase their versatility and passion about important life events and sentiments mainly through their unique beats and instrumentals often have the most dynamic and compelling stories to tell. Such is the case with the resourceful electronic band, The Devine Xperience, whose new self-titled debut album contains a classic mix of dance music  [ Read More ]


Aug’s Be Careful What You Wish For Album Review

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Aug's Be Careful What You Wish For Album Review

Artist: Aug Album: Be Careful What You Wish For Production: Recorded at David Bendeth’s studio, House Of Loud; Produced by veteran producer/engineer, Max Caselnova Powerfully exceeding the public’s expectations on not only how you maturely view and approach life’s difficult challenges, but also on how you skillfully revitalize an intriguing but somewhat forgotten art form can be an obstacle not everyone can gracefully embrace and overcome. But the New Jersey-based band, Aug, a spellbinding hard driving, metal-fused group composed of four veteran musicians, is once again proving their natural ability to revive the hard rock genre with their new album, ‘Be Care What You Wish For,’ which is now available.  [ Read More ]


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