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Facebook Kingpin James W. Breyer Working for UK-Chinese Spy Network


Facebook Kingpin James W. Breyer Working for UK-Chinese Spy Network

The trail connects Zuckerberg and Xi through Moderna, Smartmatic and bioweapons lab Catalent

Can you be both the right hand man of Mark Zuckerberg and Xi Jinping? Yes you can, according to many respected conspiracy news outlets, if you’re the billionaire James W. Breyer and well connected with the British Pilgrim Society–the secret organization founded in 1902 that controls UK and American policy and connects to both George Soros’ Open Society and the Queen herself.

In October 2017, DNC and British Crown reps met at Elizabeth Bagley’s Georgetown mansion to plot the downfall of America. At the same time their bag men–led by James W. Breyer, were in Beijing conspiring with Xi Jinping at Tsinghua University.

Not only was Breyer, head of Accel, and the NVCA and the #2 stakeholder in Facebook in Beijing, so was Zuck himself. Also in town were Henry M.

Paulson Jr., of Goldman Sachs and the U.S. Treasury, Tim Cook of Apple, Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone Group, David M. Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group, John L. Thornton of Barrick Gold Corp, Satya Nadella of Microsoft. Breyer and Xi weren’t trying to hide it: They even posed for a photo in the People’s Daily. [Editor’s note: Due to an editing error a previous version of this story was misunderstood by some to suggest Paulson, Cook, Rubenstein, Schwarzman, Thornton, and Nadella were in town as part of Breyer’s overall operation. Shockya can neither confirm nor deny any connections between this group and any Pilgrims, Bagmen or Queens].

In the photo Breyer is to Xi’s right. A secret signal to the world of their bond.

Catalent is a biological agent delivery system manufacturer aligned with Moderna, which just got emergency approval for its vaccine. Schwarzman’s Blackstone is one of the biggest investors in Catalent. The second largest investor in Catalent is the British company Janus Henderson Group plc whose chairman is Sir Richard Gillingwater, a current director of Wellcome Trust, partnered with the Gates Foundation in The Pirbright Institute (UK) which has been said to hold the patent on Coronavirus.

According to Americans for Innovation: “Sir Richard was an early director in British QintetiQ that has over $8 billion in U.S. contracts with the Navy and Space Wars and is controlled by the Queen’s Golden Share. Carlyle Group was QintetiQ’s first investor. Former C.I.A. Director George Tenet was an early director followed by the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs Staff—Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr.” Other possible British Pilgrim members involved may include: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who controls Smartmatic, which has been central to the GOP’s claims of election fraud in the U.S.; Sir Nicholas Clegg, former British deputy prime minister, and Facebook’s global vice president of communications; and Baron Richard B. Allan, Facebook’s European vice president of communications. (Allan’s grandfather was British MI6 chief of staff responsible for formulating the treasonous “Five Eyes” agreement on Mar. 05, 1946.)

This filthy web more than suggests that COVID, the vaccine, and government and military contracts all over the world are a spectacularly engineered money and power grab on the part of a small group who call the shots behind the scenes.

“Frankly, Breyer should be arrested now,” said Shockya’s China analyst in Beijing. “He’s the lynchpin, the cornerstone, and knows how everything connects in this plot against America. But who can do it? The scheme runs so deep. Those in the know are counting on

the media to connect the dots for the public so they’ll demand answers, and accountability.”

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