Co-writer-director-actor-producer Erik Bloomquist and actress Madeleine Dauer appear in 1091 Pictures’ romantic drama, ‘Christmas on the Carousel.’

A group of lifelong friends are realizing that the bond of their relationships and memories together are truly special, and they’ve made returning home over their last college winter break worth the effort for each other, in the upcoming romantic drama, ‘Christmas on the Carousel.’ The holiday tale for all ages, which sentimentally reflects on the recollection of love, will be shared with audiences when 1091 Pictures distributes the movie on Tuesday, October 19.

In honor of ‘Christmas on the Carousel’s release, ShockYa is exclusively premiering the feature’s trailer. The trailer features the film’s ensemble cast, including Erik Bloomquist, Madeleine Dauer, Taylor Turner, Rachel Oremland and Chris Lindsay-Abaire.

In addition to starring in the drama, Bloomquist also served as the feature’s director and one of its producers. He also co-write the script with Turner.

‘Christmas on the Carousel’ follows four lifelong friends – Greyson (Bloomquist), Sloane (Dauer), Henry (Turner) and Callie (Oremland) – as they convene for their last college winter break before entering the dreaded real world. But when Sloane unexpectedly reveals that her family is moving after the holiday, the pressure for a final, perfect Christmas together snowballs into a collision of looming feelings and past regrets.

Greyson grapples with whether he should snuff out the torch he’s carried for Sloane since grade school, or let it burn brighter than ever. Henry, who’s picked up a “soul crushing” seasonal gig at the local carousel and its adjacent museum, suggests an overnight lock-in before both venues succumb to the threat of a looming shutdown. Callie, a starry-eyed thespian in training, enlists his help in going viral on TikTok, drudging up uncertainty about their futures, and whether or not chasing the spotlight is always worth it. While Sloane reflects with her family on memories of loss and love, she realizes that opening your heart-and all the risks that come with it is a far more meaningful gift than anything under the tree.

ShockYa's Exclusive 'Christmas on the Carousel; Trailer Premiere
ShockYa's Exclusive 'Christmas on the Carousel; Trailer Premiere

ShockYa is exclusively premiering the trailer for co-writer-director-actor Erik Bloomquist's romantic drama, 'Christmas on the Carousel,' which 1091 Pictures is releasing on October 19, 2021.

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