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1st Base Runner Ellis EP Review


1st Base Runner Ellis EP Review

Artist: 1st Base Runner (Real name: Tim Husmann)

EP: ‘Ellis;’ Released: December, 10 2021; Produced by Husmann; Mixed by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions; and Mastered by Greg Calbi and Steven Fallone at Sterling Sound

Contemplating the challenges in their life, and what they need to do in order to reestablish a sense of calmness and control over their destiny, is a powerful theme that musicians of all genres can embrace and explore in their songs. That’s certainly the case for Austin, Texas-based artist, Tim Husmann, who performs under the stage name, 1st Base Runner. The electronic singer-songwriter powerfully highlights people’s fight to find their way again on his recently released five-track sophomore EP, ‘Ellis.’

The potent new collection follows Husmann as he further expands his atmospheric and intensely personal signature sound by incorporating indie rock, shoegaze, post-punk, pop, ambient and alternative musical influences into his latest songs. ‘Ellis’ further proves his powerhouse ability as a performer, after he released his indie-rock-electronic debut LP, ‘Seven Years of Silence,’ on July 30. The full-length album powerful delved into the fundamental truths about what it means for people to be present on their own terms in modern society.

The singer’s new EP thrives in part due to him feeling a sense of ease by collaborating with his longtime friend and co-writer, Bryan Ellis. The musicians’ comfort with each other created a lively atmosphere that’s driven by a blend of bright chords and percussion, which is similar to the instinctive vibe that was featured on ‘Seven Years of Silence.’

Husmann and Ellis crafted the perfect score for young love throughout the EP, which is stylistically similar to the music of such rock bands as Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine and Godspeed. ‘Ellis’ begins with the stellar entry, ‘Near Me.’ Driven by goth, industrial and electronic beats created by dark, pulsating drums and bassline, the multi-layered new wave and electro-pop tune also takes inspiration from Depeche Mode’s signature sound. Also supported by funky rhythms, Husmann’s plush vocals infuse his lyrics with mysterious, dark tones. While the song’s lyrics are repetitive, as the singer questions whether the person he loves would be willing to get close to him again, the overall pulsating beats make it the initial song a potential club hit.

‘Near Me’ is followed by ‘Ellis’ most memorable, standout entry, ‘Flux,’ which continues ‘Near Me’s classic electronic instrumental beat. The track also features brilliant new wave instrumentals that support the musician’s potent, husky vocals, which infuse the lyrics with sensuous tones. The relatable tune features Husmann contemplating his bond with the person he loves, and whether they should continue their relationship. The singer also reminiscence about all the experiences they’ve had, both together and on their own, and questions if they can overcome the differences they’ve encountered during their journeys.

‘Ellis’ concludes down with the reflective entry, ‘Man Overboard,’ which is driven by meaningful symbolism. Husmann croons about being weighed down by relatable mounting obstacles while he tries to fight back and reach the surface. Driven by a classic electronic and techno beat, the musician reflects on trying to go back to time when he had a feeling of calmness and had control over his life, which makes the song a stellar conclusion to the EP.

Husmann proves what a noteworthy musician he is with the recent release of ‘Ellis,’ which is notable for its emotional themes, including people working together to garner a sense of calmness and control over their relationships and destiny. Also driven by atmospheric instrumentals and stellar vocals, the indie-alternative-electronic-shoegaze EP remarkably highlights the singer-songwriter’s vulnerabilities that are relatable to fans of all music genres.

For more information on Husmann, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

The cover for singer-songwriter 1st Base Runner’s indie-alternative-electronic-shoegaze EP, ‘Ellis.’ Art by: Matt Needle.

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