Hollywood CA – When elected to Congress, Republican candidate and Trump nominee for Hollywood CA, Ronda Kennedy has promised to put Adam Schiff in prison.

Adam Schiff’s partner in crime is Tom Girardi who has repeatedly been found guilty of Bribery and Corruption of the State Bar of California and the Supreme Court.

Ronda Kennedy is a practicing Constitutional Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles who has gone head-to-head with the Government this year, successfully challenging unconstitutional mandates during lockdowns.

A Federal racketeering lawsuit was filed today in Chicago against the Tom Girardi and Adam Schiff Crime Family.

Edelson PC of Chicago Filed This RICO Lawsuit in Chicago today.

Tom Girardi who has recently found guilty of widespread bribery and corruption of the Californian legislature including the entire leadership of Californian State Bar.

Remnants of Girardi Crime Family exists today. As reflected in one of several racketeering lawsuit recently filed against the Girardi Crime Family.

Congressional Candidate Ronda Kennedy is determined to put Girardi and Schiff out of business in what is being touted as California’s high-stakes political bloodbath. The same Adam Schiff who Newt Gingrich has called the pathological liar’ and ‘a deranged human being’.

A whistleblower in the case revealed how Tom Girardi paid Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff $250, 000 each in order to stop the Impeachment of a 92-year-old Judge Manuel Real, now deceased. Judge Real who was responsible for picking the Judges to judicate all the trials that went on in the California legislature which Girardi exploited for decades.

“I am just amazed to see that this Adam Schiff is still doing this to Californians. The wiretapping has already been deemed illegal by the FISA Court in DC yet Schiff still keeps running his illicit little wiretapping scheme!” Said Jallal Walcott. spokesperson for Mrs. Kennedy.

JudgeRecall investigations have gathered phone records and actual voice recordings in evidential support of Ronda Kennedy’s agenda to clean up Schiff’s criminal activities including his illegal wiretapping and blackmailing schemes he’s been running for years.

Ronda Kennedy who was just endorsed by Donald Trump at a recent Mara Lago get-together,  included Hollywood Entertainers Kodak Black, Scott Storch, Ray J and Blacks For Trump Leader, Maurice Symonette aka Michael The Blackman.

In response to New Gingrich’s comments, “I don’t know how deranged Schiff really is.” Said Kennedy “I would say he is more calculating and criminally-minded. This is reflected over and over in the documents we have been gathering at JudgeRecall.com

A party to the Girardi Crime Family is disgraced former Chief Leroy Bacca who was recently released from a three year prison sentence saw his own deputy Paul Tanaka, just go down to Federal prison for five years.

“The feds are hoping Tanaka is the big talker in the conspiracy against LA” said one lawyer close to the case and working on behalf of JudgeRecall.com, the Political Action Group started by Kennedy.

Watch Video of the recalling of Judge Yolanda Orozco

“We want to get rid of corrupt and politically motivated judges who are someone’s payroll” We want to catch them early while they are still on the Civil bench so we can get rid of them before they become Federal Judges, notoriously hard to impeach”, said Kennedy.

By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.

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