With the winter season on in full swing and the holidays just around the corner, it is time to unwind, relax, show gratitude and take some time for yourself. Do things that you enjoy. Snuggle in with that hot cuppa and watch your favourite shows and movies and be a part of the community, get social on Swissx TV.

Swissx TV is a popular streaming service powered by FilmOn with cutting edge voice recognition technology. It is one of the largest VOD platforms with access to more than 1000 channels from around the world and a huge movie library on demand. This technology identifies and offers especially curated products and services to its users.

Swissx TV is a powerhouse of entertainment and known for the experience it provides its users and the vast content in various genres making it a complete package. Swissx TV provides a wide variety of content to its users. Everything from Original content, Political, Entertainment, dramas, music, sports, live matches, and events. Swissx TV also hosts channels of celebrities and famous personalities sharing their view on politics and the current situation in the world.

The membership to Swissx TV also gets one access to the exquisite Swissx Island resorts around the world along with access to various concerts and live events.

Swissx Island is based in the Caribbean Island of Antigua, Founded by Alki David. Swissx Island medical treatment facility and Shamanic rituals are held in RastaLand at the University of Natural Sciences.

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Swissx TV Membership also gets you the box of especially curated Swissx goodies. Swissx is a premium lifestyle brand from Switzerland, popular for its celebrity customers.  The box consists of Swissx products from soaps, flower, joints, oils, smokables, lotions, butter etc. The box can be tailored to your specific needs. Swissx products are made in Switzerland and grown in the Caribbean. For more information read here.

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