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Tribeca 2015 Interview: Kevin Pollak Talks Misery Loves Comedy

Posted by Karen Benardello On May - 4 - 2015 0 Comment
Tribeca 2015 Interview: Kevin Pollak Talks Misery Loves Comedy

People often strive to become rich and famous, as they equate achieving a high level of success to being endlessly happy and content in life. But often times the comedians who attain the biggest accomplishments in life still struggle with their own despair, but have luckily found a creative outlet that allows them to relatably express their suffering with audiences. That continued battle of trying to achieve and maintain happiness, even after you found triumphs in your life, is intriguingly explored in the new documentary, ‘Misery Loves Comedy.’ The film, which is now available on iTunes and VOD, and is playing in select theaters nationwide before expanding to more cinemas  [ Read More ]

Mad Max: Fury Road Unleashes Rage with Retaliate Trailer and George Miller Featurette

Road Warrior “Mad” Max Rockatansky is determined to escape his turbulent past and survive his time in the Wasteland during the apocalypse in the new ‘Retaliate’ trailer and George Miller featurette for the upcoming thriller, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ The clips were released to support the fourth installment in the ‘Mad Max’ franchise, which is set to debut in theaters nationwide on May 15, 2015. ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was directed by Miller, who also helmed, wrote and produced the series’ first three entries. The filmmaker also co-wrote the upcoming movie with Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris. The following synopsis for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was released by the action  [ Read More ]

Vin Diesel is Cursed in The Last Witch Hunter's Teaser Trailer and Poster

Vin Diesel is battling the most horrifying witches in history in the teaser trailer and poster for his upcoming action film, ‘The Last Witch Hunter.’ The fantasy movie’s new assets were unveiled by its distributor, Summit Entertainment, before its scheduled released in theaters nationwide on October 23, 2015. The trailer and poster offer the first look at the adventure film, which also stars Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Michael Caine and Julie Engelbrecht as the Queen Witch. Summit Entertainment has released the following synopsis for ‘The Last Witch Hunter,’ which was helmed by ‘The Crazies’ helmer, Breck Eisner: The modern world holds many secrets, but the most astounding  [ Read More ]

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5 Flights Up Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On May - 3 - 2015 0 Comment

5 FLIGHTS UP Focus World Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for Shockya. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade: B+ Director: Richard Loncraine Screenwriter:  Charlie Peters, based on novel “Heroic Measures” by Jill Climent Cast:  Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton, Cynthia Nixon, Claire van der Boom, Korey Jackson, Carrie Preston Screened at: Universal, NYC, 3/31/15 Opens:  May 8, 2015 Director Richard Loncraine, whose résumé includes the likes of Shakespeare’s “Richard III,” evokes considerable tension from his cast in “5 Flights Up,” but here’s the surprise.  The tension does not come from watching the timer on a bomb clicking toward zero while the good guys work frantically to debate which wires to cut with 2  [ Read More ]


Unfreedom Movie Review

Posted by Harvey Karten On May - 2 - 2015 0 Comment

UNFREEDOM (Dagh Ujala)   Paladin Film & Dark Frames Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for CompuServe ShowBiz. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade: C Director: Raj Amit Kumar Screenwriter: Damon J. Taylor, Raj Amit Kumar Cast:  Victor Banarjee, Adil Hussain, Bhanu Uday, Pretti Gupta, Bhavani Lee, Bhavani Lee, Ankur Vikal, Seema Rahmani, Samrat Chakrabarti, Danae Nason Screened at: Review 2, NYC, 4/1/15 Opens:  May 29, 2015 Director Raj Amit Kumar does not believe in extremism and neither does the majority of populations whether in the U.S. or Pakistan, Canada or Afghanistan.  In distributing his film, “Unfreedom,” the director is preaching to the choir, since the audience for this drama will also be  [ Read More ]

Interview Mike The Miz Mizanin and Summer Rae Talk The Marine 4 Moving Target (Exclusive)

Fearlessly risking your own personal safety in order to selflessly save and protect the life of someone else, especially someone you don’t know, from their enemies is an admirable trait not everyone has the endurance to do. But when someone continuously makes that brave and powerful decision, and sets out to make it their life’s work, they undoubtedly prove what a heroic person they are. That’s certainly the case with WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin’s noble soldier in director William Kaufman’s new action thriller, ‘The Marine 4: Moving Target,’ which is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD and VOD. The third sequel in the popular ‘The Marine’ series  [ Read More ]

Pernicious Poster

Thailand is the setting for bloody horror in “Pernicious,” from Benetone Films. “Pernicious,” directed by James Cullen Bressack and written by Bressack and Taryn Hillin, will be in theaters and On Demand June 19. The film stars Emmy-nominated “Young and the Restless” actress Emily O’Brien as well as Ciara Hanna (“Power Rangers”) and Jackie Moore (“100 Ghost Street.” Just from the trailer alone, you can see that the claims of a “carnival for the eyes” and a “sexy, bloody, and heinous” by Dread Central and Horror News are extremely apt. Take a look at the trailer below the post and you’ll see just how horrifying this particular film is. “Pernicious”  [ Read More ]

Tribeca 2015 Interview-Zachary Sluser Talks The Driftless Area

Boldly indulging in matter-­of-­fact humor that questions the nature of fate in both provocative and approachable ways, as you struggle to garner control of your destiny from what may have always been a predetermined outcome, can be a harrowing experience for many people. But first-time feature film writer-director Zachary Sluser powerfully approached spiritual understanding, as well as how one person’s actions grippingly influence other people’s lives, in his new independent drama, ‘The Driftless Area.’ The filmmaker, who based the movie on Tom Drury’s novel of the same name, never passed judgment on the author’s characters, and always treated them with dignity, as they humanely explore how everyone’s actions inadvertently influence  [ Read More ]


Sean Bean Refuses to Give Up Hope in Exclusive Any Day Clip

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Sean Bean in Any Day

Sean Bean is refusing to give up hope on reforming himself as he faces one of the greatest challenge of his life in Shockya’s exclusive clip from his new thriller, ‘Any Day.’ The video supports the independent film’s release, which was unveiled in theaters today by its distribution company, Gravitas Ventures. The drama, which is also available on VOD, was written and directed by ‘Project Solitude’ scribe and helmer, Rustam Branaman. Besides Bean, the movie also stars Eva Longoria, Kate Walsh and Tom Arnold. The following synopsis for ‘Any Day’ has been released by Gravitas Ventures: Vian McLean (Bean) is an ex fighter who is filled with resentment. He killed  [ Read More ]


Fantastic Four Gets A New Banner Poster

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When four people teleport to an alternate universe, which alters their physical form and gains them new abilities, they must learn to harness their abilities and work together as a team to save the Earth from a familiar enemy. The reboot stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell, Reg E. Cathey, and Tim Blake Nelson as Harvey Elder. “Fantastic Four” hits theaters everywhere on August 7, 2015.

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Cooties' New Teaser Poster Warns Elijah Wood to Fight a Child Zombie Epidemic

Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson and Alison Pill are fighting back with the infectious new teaser poster from Lionsgate Premiere’s upcoming horror comedy, ‘Cooties,’ courtesy of IMDb. The film, which opened the Stanley Film Festival last night, follows a group of misfit teachers who must defend themselves against a zombie epidemic that has risen amongst their elementary school students. The horror comedy, which will be one of the debut releases of the newly-launched Lionsgate Premiere label, will be released in select theaters and on VOD on September 18. The horror comedy was written by Leigh Whannell (the co-creator of ‘Saw’ and ‘Insidious’) and Ian Brennan (the co-creator of ‘Glee’), and directed  [ Read More ]

In the Name of My Daughter Movie Review

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IN THE NAME OF MY DAUGHTER (L’homme qu’on aimait trop) Cohen Media Group Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for CompuServe ShowBiz. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade: B+ Director: André Téchiné Screenwriter:  André Téchiné, Cedric Anger, based on “Une femme face a la Mafia” based on the memoir of Renée Le Roux and Jean-Charles Le Roux Cast:  Guillaume Canet, Catherine Deneuve, Adele Haenel,  Jean Corso Screened at: Review 2, NYC, 4/30/15 Opens:  May 15, 2015 Two French movies with mafia themes, both inspired by true events and both taking place principally in the 1970s, are opening in New York on May 15, which may be either a coincidence or a sign of  [ Read More ]


The Connection Movie Review

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THE CONNECTION (La French) Drafthouse Films Reviewed by: Harvey Karten for Shockya. Databased on Rotten Tomatoes. Grade: A- Director: Cédric Jimenez Screenwriter: Cédric Jimenez, Audrey Diwan Cast:  Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lelloche, Céline Salette, Mélanie Doutey, Benoît Magimel Screened at: Review 2, NYC, 4/29/15 Opens:  May 15, 2015 There’s a reason that users of illegal drugs are penalized for purchasing heroin, cocaine, and crack.  If there were no users, there would be no distributors. The market would dry up, and the narcotics problem would go away.  Here in the U.S. we have to face the fact that our users are responsible for the anarchy in Mexico, for the deaths of 60,000  [ Read More ]


The Tribe (Plemya) Movie Review

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Title: The Tribe (Plemya) Director: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy Starring: Grigoriy Fesenko, Yana Novikova, Rosa Babiy, Alexander Dsiadevich, Yaroslav Biletskiy, Ivan Tishko, Alexander Osadchiy, Alexander Sidelnikov, Sasha Rusakov, Denis Gruba, Dania Bykobiy, Lenia Pisanenko, Alexander Panivan, Kirill Koshik, Marina Panivan, Tatiana Radchenko, Ludmila Rudenko. The use of the spoken word mediates. Sound, besides all the beauty that it encompasses, alerts for danger. What would happen in a deaf-mute community driven by criminality, when the uprise of passions took over? Slaboshpytskiy tries to answer this question with his film ‘The Tribe.’ Plemya (the original title of the movie) is set somewhere in Ukraine. Sergey is an adolescent boy who enters a specialised boarding  [ Read More ]

Insidous: Chapter 3 Tiptoe Through the Tulips music video

The “Insidious” horror franchise continues with “Insidious: Chapter 3,” starring Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Hayley Kiyoko and Lin Shaye. The film comes to theaters June 5, but until then, there’s a music video that gives you a taste of “Insidious”-esque scares. Music video “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” was made in partnership between Focus Features and digital millenial-focused studio Cinemand, founded by “Smiley” director Michael Gallagher, “Smiley” producer Michael Wormser and “@urFRENZ” producer Jana Winternitz. The team used the classic song, the direction of Gallagher as well as inspiration from the new film to utilize the acting talents from YouTube and Vine stars Meg Deangelis, Eric Ochoa,  [ Read More ]

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