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Amanda Arcuri Agrees to Meet Jackson Rathbone in Do Not Reply Exclusive Clip


Amanda Arcuri Agrees to Meet Jackson Rathbone in Do Not Reply Exclusive Clip

Actress Amanda Arcuri appears in ShockYa’s exclusive clip in co-writer-directors-producers Daniel Woltosz and Walter Woltosz’s horror thriller, ‘Do Not Reply.’

Actress Amanda Arcuri feels so confident in her budding romantic relationship with Jackson Rathbone in the new horror-thriller, ‘Do Not Reply,’ that’s she’s incapable of grasping the potential danger signs in her online crush. Their two characters, Chelsea and Brad, initially seem to be the perfect fit, until they meet in person, and she realizes what kind of person he truly is in real life.

‘Do Not Reply’ is available On Demand today, October 2, 2020, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. In honor of the film’s release, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the drama, which is titled ‘Chelsea Agrees to Meet Brad.’

In the clip, the two title characters are talking over the phone in their respective rooms. Chelsea initially states that even though they haven’t seen in each other in person yet, she feels like they know more about each other than people who have met in real life. Brad then becomes agitated when a mysterious girl knocks on his door, and when Chelsea questions who the girl is, he tells her she’s his adopted sister. Chelsea notes that she’s realizing that there are still details about each other they haven’t shared, which Brad seems quick to brush off. He then changes the subject, and suggests that they finally meet each other in person over the weekend at a Halloween party.

In addition to Arcuri and Rathbone, the movie also stars Kerri Medders (‘Alexa & Katie’), Elise Luthman (‘Family Vanished’), Ashlee Füss (‘2 Broke Girls’), Ivon Millan (‘Santiago’) and Thom Gossom Jr. (‘Fight Club’). ‘Do Not Reply’ was written, directed and produced by father-and-son filmmaking duo, Walt Woltosz and Daniel Woltosz.

Gravitas Ventures has unveiled the following synopsis for ‘Do Not Reply’:

Chelsea falls prey to a social media predator. She meets Brad at a Halloween party and is abducted. Chelsea is eventually allowed to stay in his fortified house with other girls who Brad plans to kill in his virtual reality murders.

ShockYa's Exclusive 'Do Not Reply' Clip
ShockYa's Exclusive 'Do Not Reply' Clip

ShockYa is exclusively premiering a clip from co-writer-director-producers Daniel Woltosz and Walter Woltosz's horror-thriller, 'Do Not Reply,' which is titled 'Chelsea Agrees to Meet Brad,' and features actress Amanda Arcuri and actor Jackson Rathbone.

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