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Devour The Walking Dead's Talked About Scene From Season 4's Isolation

“The Walking Dead” is a show known for its amount of blood, gore, and of course, character deaths. Character deaths are probably the most annoying things fans have to deal with when it comes to their favorite shows, and “The Walking Dead” does a great job of testing its fandom’s loyalty in that regard. Executive producers Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple were recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter about what fans can expect from the upcoming season. One of the things discussed is the reality of deaths in the show. “We’re trying not to be the ‘character death show,’” said Gimple. “It’s a part of the world. In the  [ Read More ]


Black Sails Setting Sail for Season Three

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Black Sails Season 2

Great news, “Black Sails” fans! Starz’s hit drama about danger and intrigue on the high seas is coming back for a third season, even though we haven’t even seen the second! The Hollywood Reporter states that the news of a third season comes three months in advance of the show’s second season. Starz managing director Carmi Zlotnik said how exciting the second season of “Black Sails” will be for fans. “The incredible world that Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine have created continues to unfold in season two,” said Zlotnik. “Flint’s [Toby Stephens] journey is riveting, and around him, Jon and Robert have woven an intricate web of conflict, betrayal and  [ Read More ]


Antoine Dodson is undoubtedly best known for his lively interview with Huntsville, AL news station WAFF about a home invasion he experienced in his Lincoln Park residence. Even though the craze has died down, people will still say “Hide your kids, hide your wife.” Today, Dodson hasn’t just made tons of money from the song made from his interview. He’s also partnered with FilmOn CEO and founder Alki David and organizer Damon Feldman from World Xtreme Entertainment and will participate in David’s Celebrity Boxing event. AL.com states that the event, which will take place Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. ET on Pay-Per-View, will feature Dodson facing the alleged intruder himself  [ Read More ]


AMC Rids Itself of Most of Its Unscripted Programming

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Comic-Book-Men-Season 3-Ep. 6-one

AMC is cleaning house and reality shows are no longer welcome. The network best known for its scripted dramas like “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead” tried their hand at reality-based television. However, the network must be trying to reallocate resources to get another scripted success under their belt. Currently, the network’s having some show woes, such as the cancellations of “Low Winter Sun” and “Halt and Catch Fire,” are it is now in the process of putting all of their resources and attention on scripted projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC has cancelled almost their full slate of unscripted programming. Shows that have received the dreaded  [ Read More ]


Legendary hip-hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has a lot going for them these days. Apart from reveling in their status as hip-hop royalty, the group has announced that they’re launching their very own internet-only television channel as well as a record label and community development plan for their hometown of Cleveland, OH. According to Cleveland.com, the group announced an Oct. 16 show at the Masonic Auditorium. This show will also be broadcast to internet fans on ETV.com, part of FilmOn Networks‘ lineup of services. ETV.com gives creators the ability to create their own pay-per-view events for their fans. Creators can also collect tips and donations from their viewers. In this case,  [ Read More ]


Shondaland Backs New Comedy Television Project

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Shonda Rhimes Jimmy Kimmel Live

Shonda Rhimes just keeps ruling ABC with her bevy of hit shows, such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and now her latest hit, “How to Get Away with Murder,” starring Viola Davis as the electric lead character. But now it appears that Rhimes, who has had her foot firmly in the world of drama (with some dramedy sprinkled throughout), wants to dive into the world of full-out comedy. According to Deadline, Rhimes’s Shondaland has backed a new comedy television project created by former “Felicity” stars and friends Scott Foley (currently co-starring on “Scandal”) and Greg Grunberg. The two will write the story, with Foley writing the teleplay. They will also act  [ Read More ]

Stephen Collins Revolution NBC

Stephen Collins was best known for his role as the pastor dad on “7th Heaven,” but now, unfortunately, his squeaky-clean appearance has been tarnished by the revelation of his confessions to child molestation. Because of this, Collins has been losing acting jobs left and right, one of which being a role in “Ted 2.” Now the actor has been dropped from one of the roles that probably would have been extremely beneficial–a role on ABC’s hit show “Scandal.” The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Collins has been fired from his job at “Scandal,” who first appeared on the show in 2012 as news anchor Reed Wallace. Deadline provides an update  [ Read More ]

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is set to bring the creepy back to cable television just in time for fall and the Halloween season, but Murphy is sparing some of his attention from the horror and lending his television magic to the world of real life crimes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy is bringing “American Crime Story” to FX. Just like “American Horror Story,” “American Crime Story” will be an anthology series with every season on crimes that have shaped the news cycle and the American imagination. The first season, composed of 10 episodes, is called “The People v. O.J. Simpson.” This particular season is based on  [ Read More ]


The Walking Dead Renewed for Sixth Season

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AMC’s popular zombie show “The Walking Dead” has been renewed for a sixth season. This news comes only a few days before Season Five premieres Oct. 12. The Hollywood Reporter states that no episode count for Season Six has been revealed yet. But regardless of how many episodes the sixth season will have, it’s no surprise that AMC would renew the show. It could be argued that “The Walking Dead” is one of the few shows on AMC with lasting power; “Halt and Catch Fire” and “Low Winter Sun,” two shows that were promoted as gripping character-driven dramas, but both were cancelled after the first season. AMC’s other cult classic  [ Read More ]


Let’s Make a Deal Raises Stakes with New Car Game

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Let's Make A Deal - Accelerator Game Design - Digital Rendering

The CBS daytime game show “Let’s Make a Deal” was always a high-stakes game, but now it’s upped the stakes even higher with its new roulette-inspired car game “Accelerator.” If you watched the Oct. 6 episode, you’ve probably already seen the game in action, but just in case, here’s what the game entails, according to the release. “One lucky trader will get the chance to spin the giant Accelerator wheel and test their luck to win a brand new car. It takes three successful spins to spell out the word “C-A-R”, but each turn offers the trader to walk away with cash or risk everything for the car while avoiding  [ Read More ]


Saturday Night Live Accused of Lifting Groundlings Skit

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Saturday Night Live - Season 2011

It would seem that “Saturday Night Live” is having a lukewarm beginning to its new season. Even with the amount of fat-trimming that happened over the summer and the additions of Michael Che and Pete Davidson before the new season began, the show doesn’t seem to be doing as much as had been hyped. The lukewarm beginning seems to going further south with members of The Groundlings saying the show lifted one of their skits. According to Entertainment Weekly, Groundlings comedians Kimberly Condict and Vanessa Ragland have stated on Twitter that “SNL” stole their Tina Turner bit. In their bit, Condict and Ragland–in Turner wigs and short red dresses–perform their  [ Read More ]


Twin Peaks Revival Series Coming to Showtime

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Twin Peaks

One of the biggest shows of the early ’90s–as well as one of the most legendary shows ever–is coming back to your television screens in 2016. “Twin Peaks” is making its resurgence on Showtime. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime is bringing the David Lynch and Mark Frost classic back as a nine-episode limited series. Before fans get in a tizzy about who will write the limited series, not fret; Lynch and Frost will write every episode and Lynch will direct. Production is set to begin next year. David Nevins, the president of Showtime Networks, gave a very “Twin Peaks”-ian statement about the revival series. “To quote Agent Cooper, ‘I  [ Read More ]

NBC Looking To Develop Peter Pan Sitcom

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NBC is working on a new sitcom channeling the world of Peter Pan. The network is developing a 30-minute comedy following the famous characters of the J.M. Barrie tale, Wendy and Peter. Loosely based on the classic story, the modern day re-imagining will be set in an office where the two will share their days together. The single camera series will be told through the eyes of Wendy. The comedy will see Wendy looking for a mature, adult man with the desire to be in a serious relationship. Surprisingly, however, Wendy is drawn to a very immature Peter. The series will be produced by writer Marisa Coughlan, whose life the  [ Read More ]


Nicholas D’Agosto Cast As Harvey Dent in Gotham

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Masters of Sex Nicholas D'Agosto

A lot of people love “Gotham,” the new Batman-themed show on Fox. Critics have given it praise for providing a new look to the Batman franchise, but if I have one big problem with the show, it’s that they are really creating a circular type of history with these characters. How is it that the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents was investigated by then-Detective Gordon and Harvey Bullock, but was also witnessed by a soon-to-be Catwoman and also involves a young Poison Ivy (now known as Ivy Pepper)? Not to mention the fact that the soon-to-be Riddler works for the Gotham PD and an unnamed comedian auditions for Fish Mooney’s  [ Read More ]


Black Sails Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD January 2015

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black sails

Starz’s acclaimed series “Black Sails” brought back the allure and danger of the high seas in a big way this year, and if you loved watching the world of pirates, you will be able to buy the first season of “Black Sails” for home viewing very soon. “Black Sails: The Complete First Season” will head to Blu-ray plus Digital HD with Ultraviolet and DVD Jan. 6, 2015. The release will contain three discs with all eight episodes plus bonus features such as behind-the-scenes featurettes that give viewers an inside look into the amazing performances and lavish production. The first season will be available for $59.99 (Blu-ray plus Digital HD with  [ Read More ]


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