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Fans of “RWBY” are probably very excited about the news released today. Rooster Teeth and Cinedigm have announced that the second volume of the popular anime show will come to DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack and digital platforms Dec. 9. If you were at Rooster Teeth’s RTX Convention this July, you might have already seen a sneak peek of “RWBY: Volume 2,” which debuted during the convention. The show was also heavily featured at the New York and San Diego Comic Cons, complete with talent signings and interaction, booth presence and a panel to answer fans’ questions. “RWBY” and its stars have also been covered on outlets like Kotaku, IGN  [ Read More ]


Watch Bargain Hunt on BBC 1 Wales’s Channel on FilmOn

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bargain hunt

Do you love shows about antiques and the thrill of the auction? Check out “Bargain Hunt,” one of the many programs aired on BBC 1 Wales. This channel is also currently available on FilmOn, giving international audiences the chance to see this popular, easy-going show. “Bargain Hunt” pits two teams of amateur collectors against each other as they race against the clock to buy items from an antiques fair that they think could make them the most money at auction. They only have an hour and 300 pounds and in the end, it’s host Tim Wonnacott that tallies the final earnings after auction and crowns the winning team. You can  [ Read More ]


Want to learn what’s the deal with one of Britain’s hottest shows, “The Only Way is Essex?” You can watch it for yourself when the popular reality show comes to ITVBe, also available through FilmOn. “The Only Way is Essex,” or “TOWIE” as it’s otherwise known, follows a group of glamorous men and women who live in Essex, which has been described as “UK’s most glamorous county.” The show’s move to ITVBe reflects ITVBe’s mission to showcase the best reality and lifestyle television both the UK and US have to offer. The channel features titles such as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Vanderpump Rules” and more. You can watch ITVBe  [ Read More ]


Ryan Murphy Confirms American Horror Story Seasons Are Connected

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Ryan Murphy has confirmed what most fans have suspected – all of the ‘American Horror Story’s seasons are connected one way or another. Murphy gave a few details about how each season relates to the other, but didn’t divulge the entire mystery, while talking with EW. “This is the first year where we begin to tell you that season two is connected to season four which is connected to season one. People have started to write articles about that. A lot of their hypotheses have been completely right on. That’s the fun of the show. Hopefully by the end of the run, be it 10 years or 15 years, people  [ Read More ]


Watch Hungary’s Irany TV for Free on FilmOn

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Irany TV logo

FilmOn already has a huge international presence, with its lineup of international channels from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa and more. FilmOn has expanded their global reach by acquiring Irany TV, one of Hungary’s news channels. Irany TV can be viewed for free right now on FilmOn. Irany TV offers local news for Hungary, as well as national news and stories that have affected the world. Whether you live in Hungary or live abroad and want to keep tabs on news at home, you can stay up to date with ease with Irany TV’s online presence. You can watch this channel below the post or at its  [ Read More ]


Watch Creepy Crawly for Halloween on FilmOn

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Creepy Crawly is FilmOn’s newest horror channel! The channel features horror, of course, but it also caters to sci-fi and thriller fans with movies and programming. One of the shows you can watch on Creepy Crawly is “The Hillbilly Horror Show.” The show features two “hillbilly” cousins (Bo Cephus and “their SMOKIN’ hot kissin’ cousin,” Lulu) as they showcase award-winning horror short films from presenting horror short films from around the world. The second episode of the first season features short films featuring vampires, delusion, and ghosts. “‘Rose White’: Through Lilly’s eyes, the world is a dark but beautiful place however, each day is a battle for Rosalyn, who has  [ Read More ]

Walking Dead Season 5 Ep. 3

“The Walking Dead” is not pulling any punches this season. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen two series regulars–Bob and cannibal leader Gareth–get taken out. Gareth’s death is warranted–he’s the one that cuts off Bob’s leg to serve the cannibals, after all. But Bob’s leg being “tainted” meat is probably one of the most heart-wrenching revelations from the season, meaning that Bob had been bitten by a zombie. The execs of “The Walking Dead” have already discussed that they are using deaths as a way to properly tell the story of this hardcore world, but still–did Bob have to die? Greg Nicotero, executive producer of the show, was asked by The Hollywood  [ Read More ]


Mike Tyson Mysteries National Scavanger Hunt Contest

Posted by Laura Gaddy On October - 26 - 2014 0 Comment

Adult Swim is celebrating the premier of their new show Mike Tyson Mysteries with a nationwide scavenger hunt. The prize is a limited edition two foot tall statue of the World Heavyweight Champion in a track suit feeding a pigeon. The scavenger hunt is running all weekend from Sat Oct. 25th to Monday Oct 27th. and is taking place in 10 major cities throughout the country including Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Nashville, Albuquerque, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Those not close enough to sleuth for clues in person can still enter the sweepstakes for a chance at show prizes. To participate and for more information  [ Read More ]


Two big networks have decided invest in the world of online television. According to TV Mix, HBO Go and CBS have announced that they will provide online use of their programming without a cable subscription. This move comes on the heels of the Supreme Court’s ruling that FilmOn Networks and Aereo aren’t different than traditional cable providers. At the time of the ruling, FilmOn CEO Alki David said that the decision was “the beginning of the death of the bundle.” CBS and HBO’s move to online programming reiterates something David has said. “Give the consumer what they want, when they want it, on the devices they love,” he said. In  [ Read More ]


The CW Secures American Reboot of The Town

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CW logo

The recent show to come from Great Britain to American shores is “Broadchurch,” which was revamped into Fox’s “Gracepoint.” The show is currently not the big hit that Fox expected it would be, but that’s not stopping other networks from participating in the lure of bringing hard-hitting British dramas to the U.S. The CW is the latest network to reinterpret a British drama for American audienes. The Hollywood Reporter states that “Pretty Little Liars” co-showrunner Oliver Goldstick will write the adaptation of ITV’s “The Town” for The CW. Goldstick will also executive produce with the original series’ writer-creator Mike Bartlett. The original starred Andrew Scott (best known in America as  [ Read More ]


Screenwriter Adam Karp Working on Two Scripts for CW, CBS

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The screenwriter of the moment is Adam Karp! Why is he the screenwriting world’s It Boy? Because it’ll be his words that will fuel two new shows coming to the CW and CBS. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on these two pilots. Karp is writing a script for CW’s “Unnatural Selection,” a show based on Charles Darwin voyage to Tierra del Fuego and the Southern Cone on the HMS Beagle, a ship under the command of Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy. The script will feature a 21-year-old Charles Darwin and Capt. Fitzroy (retconned as his childhood friend) as they journey deep into the Amazon to take the woman they both love  [ Read More ]


Alki David Plans to Take Rap Battles Mainstream

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Alki David is making his feeling clear about where he wants to take rap battles. In an interview with LA Weekly, he stated his intentions to bring rap battles to the mainstream. Rap battles have always been a part of David’s life. According to the article, David has loved rap battles since encountering them in the early 1980s while as a breakdancing young man in London’s Covent Garden. FilmOn’s upcoming “Ether” rap battle between Dizaster and Cassidy is one step David is taking to create rap battles that aren’t censored. “Television is fraught with FCC rules and so much compliance that it makes it very difficult to allow artists to  [ Read More ]

Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars AHS Freak Show Ep 2

Title: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show S4 Ep2: Massacres and Matinees’ Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Starring: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, John Carroll Lynch, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Michael Chiklis, Angela Bassett, Finn Wittrock, Frances Conroy and Benjamin Woolf **SPOILER ALERT: This review contains spoilers and plot details about the second episode of ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show,’ titled ‘Massacres and Matinees,’ which just premiered today at 10pm ET on FX. Shockya was gratefully given the opportunity by 20th Century Fox Television to screen the episode on Saturday, October 11 at the Buckner Mansion in New Orleans, the filming location for the Robichaux Academy in ‘American Horror Story: Coven.’ The event celebrated  [ Read More ]

American Horror Story Freak Show

“American Horror Story” is still racking up the ratings for FX! The popular creepfest, now in its “Freak Show” iteration, has become the most-watched telecast in network history, states Variety. Of course, with this kind of accolade, you know that a renewal is in order. “American Horror Story” has been renewed by FX for a 13-episode fifth season. This season’s premiere brought in 10 million total viewers from delayed viewing the live airing, so of course, the show will stay on the network for a long, long time. The Hollywood Reporter had some comments from FX brass about the record-setting number and the show’s renewal. “The ‘American Horror Story’ anthology  [ Read More ]


Gotham Gets Full Season Order From Fox

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Gotham Fox

I have written ad nauseum about not understanding the allure of Fox’s new hit show “Gotham.” I still don’t understand it. But it’s not up to me to know why “Gotham” was picked as a contender this fall season. Fox believes in it, and that’s all that matters. They believe in it so much that they have given it a full season order. The Hollywood Reporter has stated that Fox has granted “Gotham” an additional six episodes, resulting in the full season order. The site states that “Gotham” had a 6.0 rating among adults in the coveted 18-49 age range after factoring in viewing habits during its live premiere and  [ Read More ]


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