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Knucklehead 1

Wishing to control your own health is a vital element of securing the future you wish to achieve. But seizing that authority can be a challenge for those people who are battling not only an illness, but also their families who wish to repress them. The acclaimed family drama, ‘Knucklehead,’ follows a mentally disable man who embarks on a journey to find a cure for himself, while also distancing himself form his volatile mother. RLJ Entertainment is set to release the film on DVD tomorrow, for the suggested retail price of $27.97. In celebration of ‘Knucklehead’s home release, Shockya is offering two lucky winners a DVD of the family drama.  [ Read More ]

Contract to Kill

The war on terror needs reliable agents who are willing to take any extreme action deemed necessary to stop a country’s brutal enemies. Steven Seagal is one such dependable operative, as he will repeatedly put himself in harm’s way in order to block an extremist group’s plot to bring harm into America, in his new film, ‘Contract to Kill.’ The movie, which is the action star’s latest entry in the genre that helped make him famous, follows the actor as he plays a CIA operative who is hired to take out an elusive terrorist. In honor of the project’s upcoming release, Shockya is debuting an exclusive photo gallery from the  [ Read More ]

Kickboxer: Vengeance 5

The need for many people to find atonement and retribution against the enemies who have wronged them is a compelling motivation in their people’s lives. That’s certainly the case for the protagonist in the martial arts film, ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance,’ who’s on a quest for restitution for his brother. In honor of the action movie’s home release today, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from the drama, which is titled ‘Pay the Price.’ ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance,’ which is a reboot of directors Mark DiSalle and David Worth’s 1989 martial arts film, ‘Kickboxer,’ is now available on Blu-Ray and on DVDB from RLJ Entertainment. The Blu-Ray is retailing for an SRP of $29.97,  [ Read More ]

Ron and Laura Take Back America

Fighting back against the lifestyles and cultures you don’t agree with is usually a cause that you find to be noteworthy and noble. But when your morals continuously clash against the ever-evolving ideals that society has accepted as the norm, humor is often an inadvertent result that arises from the conflict. That realistic mix of banter and tension is grippingly highlighted in the comedy, ‘Ron and Laura Take Back America.’ In honor of the political satire’s recent release on VOD from Undisclosed Location Films, Shockya has a new exclusive clip. The video showcases the title characters’ struggle to assimilate into their country’s latest beliefs, as they attempt to care for  [ Read More ]

AFM First-Look Image Features Jessica Chastain in Title Role of Woman Walks Ahead

The strongest and most determined women are often the one who are the most confident when it comes time for change. That’s certainly the case with Jessica Chastain’s title character in the upcoming drama, ‘Woman Walks Ahead.’ To showcase her protagonist’s strength and perseverance, the first-look image of the Academy Award nominated-actress has been unveiled at AFM. ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ was directed by Susanna White and written by Steven Knight. In addition to Chastain, the film also stars Ciaran Hinds and Sam Rockwell. Black Bicycle Entertainment is financing and producing the drama alongside Bedford Falls in association with Potboiler. IM Global is selling the international rights at AFM, with CAA  [ Read More ]

Siren Still 2

What’s meant to be one of the most exciting and anticipated nights of a man’s life can actually become one of their most horrifying experiences. While bachelor parties are often viewed as a way for grooms-to-be to celebrate being single one last time with their friends, they don’t always turns out to be joyous occasions. That’s certainly the case for the characters in the new horror film, ‘SiREN,’ whose first official trailer has been unveiled by its distributor, Chiller Films. The trailer’s launch is helping promote the thriller’s upcoming release in theaters on December 2, and on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on December 6. ‘SiREN’s theatrical, digital and home  [ Read More ]

From Dusk Till Dawn Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Theatrical Tickets Giveaway

Halloween often brings terror among horror fans who fear what spirits the holiday can conjure up. As genre buffs honor the terror that arises on the most frightening day of the year, this fall they’ll be able to continue celebrating that fear into November. ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ the movie that brings vampires, criminals, bikers and families together like no other, is returning to theaters for two days, on Sunday, November 6, and Wednesday, November 9. In celebration of the cherished action film’s 20th anniversary, Shockya is offering three lucky winners a pair of tickets (six tickets total) to any participating theater. To enter, follow us @Shockya, and tweet us  [ Read More ]

Brimstone Shows Dakota Fanning Battling the Law as Momentum Pictures Acquires Distribution Rights

The innocent deserve justice when they’re wrongfully held responsible for a dangerous crime that ruins their lives. That’s certainly the case with the young protagonist in the new thriller, ‘Brimstone,’ as she’s improperly targeted for committing an illicit offense. The North American rights to the drama have been acquired by Momentum Pictures. ‘Brimstone’ first premiered in September at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival to critical acclaim. Momentum Pictures’ Senior Vice President of Content, Ian Goggins, officially announced that the company is set to release the drama in theaters and on VOD in March 2017. The western was written and directed by Martin Koolhoven, and stars Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce,  [ Read More ]

Darren Lynn Bousman's Abattoir Haunting Homes as Momentum Pictures Acquires Distribution Rights

A home’s terrifying history doesn’t only torment the occupants who originally experienced its tragic effects, as the building’s past can ultimately negatively influence future visitors, as well. Horror viewers will experience how a family’s misfortune can impair them all, as the anticipated thriller, ‘Abattoir,’ is set to be released later this year. Momentum Pictures has acquired the North American rights to the film, and plans on releasing it in theaters, as well as on VOD and Digital HD, on December 9. The horror movie was directed by ‘Saw’ alum, Darren Lynn Bousman, and written by Christopher Monfette, who has scribed several episodes of the Syfy television series, ’12 Monkeys.’ ‘Abattoir’  [ Read More ]

The Similars Poster

Heightened emotions that naturally arise during frantic situations often connect people, even those who don’t truly know each other. That’s certainly the case in the new sci-fi film, ‘The Similars,’ which chronicles how unexplained phenomenon can bond strangers in the most remarkable ways. In order to support the upcoming release of the drama, its distributor, XLrator Media, has unveiled a new poster and stills that highlight the bizarre occurrences that are plaguing its characters. ‘The Similars’ will be distributed on November 15 on iTunes and VOD, and will also have a one-night screenings in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The sci-fi movie, which was previously titled ‘Los Parecidos,’  [ Read More ]

Momentum Pictures Takes Hold of The Possession Experiment's Acquisition Rights

Horror fans are able to be drawn back to the supernatural, as the acquisition rights for the upcoming genre film, ‘The Possession Experiment,’ have been secured by Momentum Pictures. The official announcement of the thriller’s acquisition was made by the distributor’s Senior Vice President of Content, Ian Goggins. ‘The Possession Experiment’ was directed by ‘Monumental’ helmer, Scott B. Hansen, who also co-wrote the script for his latest project with Mary J. Dixon. The anticipated horror movie stars Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, KT Fanelli and Bill Moseley. Of the drama’s acquisition, Goggins noted that “‘The Possession Experiment’ is a film that takes audiences for a ride. Bill Moseley has  [ Read More ]

The Charnel House Poster

The most well-intentioned actions can sometimes lead to the most dire and harrowing consequences for everyone connected to those acts. The Reaves family learns that all-too-important lesson the hard way in the new thriller, ‘The Charnel House,’ as their new apartment is threatening to tear their connections apart. The family’s growing struggles are documented in the film’s newly released trailer. ‘The Charnel House’ is set to be distributed in theaters and on VOD on November 4 by Freestyle Digital Media. The drama was directed by Craig Moss, and written by Chad Israel and Emanuel Isler. The thriller stars Callum Blue, Nadine Velazquez and Makenzie Moss as the Reaves family. The  [ Read More ]

Mommy's Box Poster

It can often be emotionally challenge for a person to willingly dissect their own disarrayed past and ponder their uncertain future during a time of harrowing crisis. The process can be even more difficult when they also have to offer advice to their colleagues who are relying on them for guidance. But the protagonist in the new comedy-drama, ‘Mommy’s Box,’ is relatably learning to not only contend with his own personal pain, but also objectively help advise one of his clients. In honor of the lead character learning how to embrace those revelations in his life, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from the film. The clip follows Johnny Greenlaw,  [ Read More ]

Wild Oats DVD

Retirement is a time many adults eagerly anticipate, as they feel they’ll finally be able to lead the luxurious life they have always desired. But what’s expected to be a serene period for two best friends actually turns into a chaotic adventure, as they’re forced to evade the police when they become instant celebrities. The companions’ unexpected exploit is chronicled in the new comedy-drama, ‘Wild Oats.’ The action film was helmed by Andy Tennant, who has garnered acclaim for directing such movies as ‘Hitch’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ His latest comedy-drama, which was written by Gary Kanew and Claudia Myers, will be distributed on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment on  [ Read More ]

Level Up Poster

Proving to society that their life has value and purpose can be a challenge for anyone who’s considered not to be living up to their full potential. But actor Josh Bowman’s character in the new UK thriller, ‘Level Up,’ is finally demonstrating that he can successfully complete his goals, even during the most dire situations. To celebrate the protagonist’s determination to save his girlfriend, Shockya has a first-look exclusive clip from the film. ‘Level Up’ opened in select US cinemas on August 26, and its distributor, FilmBuff, will also be releasing it on VOD today. In addition to Bowman, the movie also stars Neil Maskell and William Houston. The drama  [ Read More ]

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