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Paul Ben-Victor and Michael Rispoli in Friends and Romans

Determinedly setting out to prove how versatile your range, personality and abilities are can be a daunting task, whether you wish to demonstrate that your professional talents are distinctly unique, or you want to move past personal and cultural stereotypes. Taking the first steps to show that adaptability can be challenging because people are often unwilling to change their minds and see you for who you truly are. That harrowing process of bravely demonstrating your real skills to the world is grippingly showcased in the new trailer for the upcoming comedy, ‘Friends and Romance,’ which is exclusively premiering on Shockya. The characters in ‘Friends and Romans,’ much like the film’s  [ Read More ]

The Walk NYFF Press Conference

Dedicatedly embarking on an unexplored and unfamiliar journey, in a courageous attempt to overcome your fears and prove your worth and abilities, can be a frightening prospect for many people. But French high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s decision to walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, particularly while they were being constructed during the mid-1970s, was an alluring choice that proves that people don’t have to follow society’s expectations and norms in order to thrive. His powerful journey is intriguingly presented in the upcoming biographical drama, ‘The Walk,’ which was directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also co-wrote the script with Christopher Browne. The movie, which is based on  [ Read More ]


Exclusive: Watch Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez Enter The Endgame

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Rico Rodriguez Enters the Endgame in Drama's Exclusive Clip

Rico Rodriguez’s ultimate goal is to avoid further punishment in Shockya’s new exclusive clip from his upcoming drama, ‘Endgame.’ The ‘Modern Family’ actor stars as Jose in the film, who turns to his grandmother for help in the video, which is titled ‘Jose is in Trouble.’ The clip has been unveiled in support of the drama’s distribution by Late Bloomer Productions in theaters tomorrow in L.A., before it expands to more screens on October 2. ‘Jose is in Trouble’ follows Jose as he arrives on the doorstep of his grandmother, Abuelita, who’s played by Ivonne Coll. She immediately asks her grandson what happened to him, as his clothes and school  [ Read More ]


Interview: Jared Cohn Talks Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness

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Interview: Jared Cohn Talks Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness

In the fourth Sharknado movie, a mockumentary that will be released on DVD on October 6 by The Asylum, and was directed by Jeremy Wagener, Jared Cohn plays the ambitious filmmaker behind the original Sharknado movie – the one we never saw. Before Ian, before Tara, before the Twitter sensation… there was this! Question (Q): First of all, give us a quick rundown of Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness? Jared Cohn (JC): Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness is an origin story of how Sharknado came about. I play the original creator/director of the movie. It shows my struggles as a filmmaker doing whatever it takes to get the masterpiece that is Sharknado  [ Read More ]


Witness The Young Messiah’s Life In Drama’s Newly Released Trailer

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Witness The Young Messiah's Life In Drama's Newly Released Trailer

The time to better understand His true ambitions and powerful motivations has been unveiled in the newly released trailer for the upcoming drama, ‘The Young Messiah.’ The clip for the film has been released by Focus Features, which will distribute the gripping drama in theaters nationwide on March 11, 2016. ‘The Young Messiah,’ which is based on the 2005 novel ‘Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt’ by Anne Rice, follows the inspiring and unique story of seven-year-old Jesus Christ and His family as they come to a fuller understanding of His divine nature and purpose. The movie was directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh, who also co-wrote the script with Betsy Giffen  [ Read More ]

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015 Scaring Audiences with Announcement of First 10 Films

Film enthusiasts can prepare to be frightened out of their chairs this Halloween season, as the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has just announced the first 10 movies that are set to play at this year’s edition. The entries, which include new horror, sci-fi, action and cult films, will have their premieres during the 10th annual event, which will run from October 13-23 at the Scotiabank Theater in Downtown Toronto. Check out the complete list of the newly announced first 10 movies that are set to play at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2015, along with their trailers and posters, below: The New Zealand horror comedy, ‘Deathgasm,’ which was  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Uncle John Clip Shows the Struggle to Keep a Mysterious Disappearance Unsolved

The extreme struggles a person must contend with in order to keep a mysterious disappearance unsolved, particularly in a small town where everyone is somehow connected to both the perpetrator and the victim, can often be difficult. The process can become even more challenging when even one person becomes suspicious of the criminal and their actions. That’s certainly the case with the beloved and seemingly innocent title character in the upcoming crime drama, ‘Uncle John.’ To showcase the increasing suspicions of John’s adversary, Danny, about John’s involvement in the disappearance of Danny’s brother, Dutch, Shockya has a new exclusive clip from the mystery film, titled ‘The Killer Always Comes Back.’  [ Read More ]

Witness Deano and Nige's Best Last Day Ever In Comedy's Exclusive New Clip

Knowing who you can truly depend on during times of emergencies is often imperative to a person’s emotional, mental and physical survival. That’s truly the case with the two main characters in the comedy, ‘Deano and Nige’s Best Last Day Ever.’ The two title characters, who became friends in elementary school 15 years ago when Nige was the new student in their class, reunite when he once again needs Deano’s help. In honor of the film’s distribution on VOD, iTunes and DVD this Tuesday, September 8, Shockya has an exclusive new clip from the comedy, titled ‘Murder Alibi.’ ‘Deano and Nige’s Best Last Day Ever’s distribution company, Vega Baby Releasing,  [ Read More ]

Dolph Lundgren's Skin Trade Blu-ray Cover

Dolph Lundgren is determined to obtain his revenge on the man who tore apart his family in a special features clip from his new action crime film, ‘Skin Trade.’ The video includes a fight scene between the actor and one of his co-stars, Ron Perlman, who also provides commentary on the thriller. The clip was unveiled by the movie’s distributor, Magnolia Home Entertainment’s Magnet label, which has unleashed it on home entertainment, including Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and VOD. Lundgren, who also co-wrote and co-produced ‘Skin Trade,’ and Perlman are joined by such fellow action icons as Tony Jaa, Peter Weller, Michael Jai White, Celina Jade and Peter Weller in  [ Read More ]

Lee Williams and Pollyanna McIntosh Enter The Blood Lands in Exclusive Blu-ray and DVD Special Features Clip

People often engage in friendly competition with their neighbors, but the battle often isn’t threatening as they fight to claim who’s the better family. But one family’s sinister intentions and ill will towards the other is powerfully exposed after its members are pushed beyond their seemingly friendly limit. Pollyanna McIntosh and Lee Williams harrowingly learn that lesson when their characters in their new horror film, ‘The Blood Lands,’ embark on a shockingly lethal game of cat and mouse with their new local acquaintances. Viewers can witness their increasing terror in Shockya’s new exclusive Behind-the-Scenes clip for the thriller, which was directed by Simeon Halligan and and writer Ian Fenton. The  [ Read More ]

Yusuf Gatewood Contemplates Finn Mikaelson In Exclusive The Originals: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray and DVD Clip

Attempting to reunite with your family, and mend the estranged relationships that have harrowingly formed between you and your relatives, is often a daunting task. But it can become even more of a tormented struggle for supernatural beings who have a centuries-long vendetta to uphold when they’re brought back to life. Actor Yusuf Gatewood is contemplating his character Vincent Griffith’s transformation into one of the Mikaelson brothers, Finn, at the end of the first season, and throughout the second season, of The CW’s hit horror fantasy series, ‘The Originals.’ In honor of ‘The Originals: The Complete Second Season’ being released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD this Tuesday, September 1,  [ Read More ]

The Walking Dead Season 5 Deleted Scene Emphasizes Father Gabriel's Reservations

Former sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes is continuing on his quest of unrelenting personal sacrifice to protect the people he cares about in the newly released deleted scene from the fifth season of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead.’ The clip, which was originally planned on being included in the season’s third episode, ‘Four Walls and A Roof,’ was unveiled by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The video celebrates the anticipated release of ‘The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season,’ which is set to be distributed by the home entertainment and production company on Blu-ray + Digital HD and DVD on Tuesday. The deleted scene from ‘Four Walls and A Roof’ follows Father Gabriel Stokes,  [ Read More ]

Watch The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies now on FilmOn

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The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies-Channel 5-FilmOn

Do you love dogs? If you’re like many people around the world who proudly flaunt their love for dogs and their wellbeing, then you need to watch “The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies.” The show, which airs on the UK’s Channel 5, gives viewers a look at how RPSCA officers find and care for dogs in need. The show can also be viewed on FilmOn’s live TV stream of the channel. “The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies” is a documentary series that follows certain cases the officers are called to. In one of the episodes, officers are called to a farm, leading to the discovery of many dogs in need  [ Read More ]

Rookie Blue's Officers Face New Revelations in Season Five, Volume One DVD Twitter Giveaway

Life for the officers at Toronto’s 15 Division must go on, no matter what consequences they may face, as they have sworn an oath to continuously serve and protect the city. That promise is further showcased in Shockya’s exclusive clip for ‘Rookie Blue: Season Five, Volume One’s DVD release, which was unveiled this week by its distribution company, Entertainment One (eOne). Shockya’s exclusive Season Five, Volume One DVD clip, which is titled ‘Rookie Blue-Stakeout-Sam and Dov,’ follows Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) and Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith), as they’re in an office together in the early morning. Dov, who’s sitting at a desk and is working on a computer, asks his  [ Read More ]

Visit Vendetta's Haunted Location in Exclusive Home Release Special Features Clip

Emotionally relating to, and understanding, the psychotic motivations of manic characters who are purely driven by their feelings of grief and despair can be a harrowing process for many people. But when a film’s story can grippingly and naturally draw out those agonizing emotions, largely in part of the eerie environment of its intensely disturbing main shooting location, the actors can enthrallingly and instinctively showcase those hysterical inspirations. One such entrancing movie that powerfully utilizes its frightening location to its advantage is the action drama ‘Vendetta,’ the latest joint directing effort from twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska. In honor of the film’s home release on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital  [ Read More ]


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