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Godzilla’s Breaking Bad Easter Egg Revealed

Posted by monique On September - 18 - 2014 0 Comment

One would think that with the series finale well in the annals of television history, the talk about “Breaking Bad” would be done. But lo and behold, there’s still tons more “Breaking Bad” to discuss. There’s even “Breaking Bad” stuff happening in “Godzilla” starring Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston. Jake, a /Film reader, has found that in the title sequence of the film, there’s a quick reference to the show that made Cranston’s teacher character Walter White a meth kingpin. Now, just to set the scene; during each mention of an actor or crew member’s name, parts of the wording is blocked out to symbolize how the government is keeping  [ Read More ]

American Business Television

Those of you out there who are investors are probably excited to find different sources of news to help them trim and curate their portfolios. If you’re knee-deep in the investing world, check out American Business Television, one of FilmOn’s many business channels. American Business Television focuses primarily on the investing world. The channel covers investor and stock market news as well as the latest news in business and finance. You can watch American Business Television on FilmOn or below this post. You can watch FilmOn’s channels for free in SD or, for a low monthly subscription, in HD with added DVR recording space. FilmOn was created by media entrepreneur  [ Read More ]


Halloween is coming, and of course, there’s going to be tons of costumes based on kaiju (giant monsters) and the movies they’re in. If you’re a big fan of kaiju films, watch FilmOn’s Bloodzillathon Channel and take in a viewing of “Monster from Green Hell.” The film involves giant wasps. Here’s more on the film. “A test rocket containing scientific experiments, including a wasps’ nest, crashes in the jungles of Africa. Radiation from outer space infects the wasps, creating a hive of titanic atomic mutations as big as a house. These hideous creatures have an appetite for human flesh and proceed to munch their way across the dark continent. An  [ Read More ]


The U.S. Open has come and gone, with Serena Williams making history after winning her 18th Grand Slam, tying Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. The tennis matches are over, but if you are still jonesing for more tennis matches, watch FilmOn Tennis. FilmOn Tennis gives you tons of matches from yesteryear and today. The channel offers “the best in Wimbledon Tennis and Champions Series Tennis.” The channel also has screenings of “The Championships: Wimbledon.” The film series chronicles the history of Wimbledon, match after match. The film series features Navratilova, Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Steffi Graf, Sánchez Vicario, Goran Ivaniševi? , Conchita Martínez, Jim Courier, Steffi Graf, Jana Novotná and  [ Read More ]


The press conference for the Dec. 6 rap battle between Cassidy and Dizaster promised rap fans that there would be awesome lyrics, huge smack talk and tons of hostility. According to TV Mix, the press conference and “Lyrical Weigh-In” for the pay-per-view rap battle on FilmOn’s new Battle Rap TV featured Fresh Coast Media Group’s Lush One acting as the middle ground for the two rappers. “We learned tonight there is far more genuine animosity between Diz and Cas than we could have ever fathomed,” said Lush One. “This is going to be heated.” Cassidy, who appeared at the conference via hologram from the Bahamas–remember, Alki David also has his  [ Read More ]

Watch Channel Italia for Free on FilmOn

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Channel Italia is available for free viewing on FilmOn. If you’re a fan of all things Italy, you will love watching Channel Italia, which will give you a taste of what the Italian consumers are going for. “Watch choose and buy from the comfort of your home many products, national and international,” states Channel Italia. “Every day you can find something for you among many household products, mattresses, jewelry, fashion accessories, beauty, electronics, kitchen and more.” You can watch Channel Italia below the post or at FilmOn. Channels at FilmOn are available for free in SD or, for a low monthly subscription, in HD with added DVR recording space. FilmOn  [ Read More ]


Exclusive Interview: Keith Allan Talks SyFy’s Z Nation

Posted by monique On September - 12 - 2014 0 Comment

Keith Allan is all about zombies. In fact, he’s now the savior of the entire race in the new SyFy original series, “Z Nation.” Allan’s character Murphy is a a criminal, but as Allan reveals in the interview, Murphy is now the most important person on the planet because of what’s in his blood. ShockYa was happy to speak with Allan about his role, what he loves about the zombie mythos and what zombie lovers can expect from “Z Nation.” “Z Nation” premieres on SyFy at 10/9c. ShockYa: What can you tell me about your character Murphy? Keith Allan: Well, Murphy starts off…[as an] inmate in the prison system and  [ Read More ]


ARC Entertainment is set to release the thriller “Autumn Blood” in theaters and on VOD Sept. 19. “Autumn Blood’ is written by Stephen T. Barton and Markus Blunder and directed by Blunder. The film stars Sophie Lowe, Peter Stormare, Gustaf Skarsgard, Samuel Vauramo and Maximilian Harnisch. The film’s story follows two orphans who have to fight for their lives. “Two young orphans in the Tirolian Mountains come under siege by a vicious band of hunters. Frightened of being separated by child services following the death of their mother, a self-sufficient 16-year-old girl (Sophie Lowe) and her 10-year-old brother (Maximilian Harnisch) – who hasn’t spoken a word since seeing his father  [ Read More ]


Free Fall Brings Horror to Elevators This October

Posted by monique On September - 10 - 2014 0 Comment
Free Fall Blu-ray

Get ready for some horror! From the producers of the “Halloween” and “Final Destination” franchises comes “Free Fall.” The film, coming to Blu-ray and DVD Oct. 28, features the directorial debut of Malek Akkad, the producer of the “Halloween” franchise, and stars D.B. Sweeney, Sarah Butler, Ian Gomez, and screen legend Malcolm McDowell. The film is described as doing “for elevators what Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ did for showers.” “A top executive is killed in an apparent suicide leap from the skyscraper headquarters of Gault Capital. But when the dead man’s loyal protégé Jane Porter (Butler) uncovers some startling criminal evidence, the corporation calls in their “crisis manager” Frank (Sweeney) to  [ Read More ]

spartacus box

“Spartacus: The Complete Series” is only a few days away from its Blu-ray and Digital HD with Ultraviolet release date of Sept. 16 and to celebrate, we’ve got a bonus feature clip from Blu-ray! In the clip below, taken from bonus featurette “”The Last Word: John Hannah,” John Hannah discusses the relationship between Batiatus and his wife Lucretia and his time working with fan favorite Lucy Lawless. Make sure to get the 13-disc set, which will include the full “Last Word” featurette as well as other bonus features, including “‘Spartacus’ Fan Favorites With Liam McIntyre,” “Scoring A Hit: Composer Joseph LoDuca,” “An Eye Full: Roger Murray” and “‘Spartacus’: Paul Grinder.”  [ Read More ]

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

What do you think about Bitcoin, the new digital currency that’s slowly making its way across the country? If you’re still wondering about Bitcoin, what you can use it for, and just what it is (because we’re mostly still using paper money), check out upcoming film “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.” “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is directed by Nicholas Mross and features (and is narrated by) Daniel Mross. The film also features the CEO and Founder of BitInstant Charlie Shrem, CEO and founder of Tradehill Jered Kenna, director of FinCEN Jennifer Shasky Calvery, CEO of Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles, Bitcoin entrepreneur Erik Voorhees and Bitcoin investors and  [ Read More ]


Jeff Bridges’ Seventh Son Captivates with New Trailer and Images

Posted by Karen Benardello On September - 9 - 2014 0 Comment
Seventh Son One Sheet Poster

The captivating new trailer and images for Jeff Bridges’ upcoming epic film adaption of ‘Seventh Son’ have been released by Legendary and Universal Pictures. The trailer for the epic action-adventure movie, which also stars Julianne Moore and Ben Barnes, debuted on iTunes Movie Trailers. Based on the book series ‘The Last Apprentice’ by Joseph Delaney, ‘Seventh Son’ will be released in theaters in 3D on February 6, 2015. The film, which was adapted by screenwriters Charles Leavitt and steve Knight, was directed by Sergei Bodrov. The action adventure movie will also feature Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Olivia Williams, Antje Traue and Djimon Hounsou. The follow official synopsis for ‘Seventh Son’  [ Read More ]

Inner Demons poster

Get your Halloween movie lineup set up right now with “Inner Demons,” coming to select theaters and Video On Demand Oct. 3. The horror film, coming to us from IFC Midnight, stars Lara Vosburgh, Morgan McClellan, Kate Whitney and Brian Flaherty, is directed by Seth Grossman and is written by Glenn Gers. The film follows a reality show that tries to help a girl who is fighting what appears to be addiction. But the addiction turns out to be much more of a supernatural issue. “INNER DEMONS follows an ‘Intervention’-style reality show crew that films an episode about a sixteen-year old girl, a former A-student, who is fighting addiction but  [ Read More ]


Stay Healthy with Telos Digital Television

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The seasons are changing and school is back in session, which generally means many people will get sick and/or get mentally off track. If you need some help getting your health and mental well-being back in order, watch Telos Digital Television, which is available for free at FilmOn. Telos Digital Television offers tips on “…alternative health, medicine and lifestyle programming to communities around the world.” The channel features, according to its description, “programs and materials dedicated to the development of your Mind Body Spirit lifestyle and your holistic well-being.” The network also explores different aspects of consciousness and health. The network was created “as a Guide and Resource for people  [ Read More ]

The Perfect Wave

Scott Eastwood carries on his father Clint’s acting legacy in “The Perfect Wave.” The film, coming to DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Download and On-Demand Sept. 16 from Anchor Bay Entertainment, also features “Charlie’s Angels” star Cheryl Ladd as well as Rachel Hendrex (“October Baby”) and Patrick Lyster (“Black Sails”). The film also includes the talents of award-winning professional surfers Matt Bromley and Rosy Hodge. The film is based on true events and follows a surfer and future ordained minister, Ian McCormack, as he travels around the world to find the perfect wave. The film is shot in locales such as Bali, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa and Mauritius, giving viewers  [ Read More ]


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