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Go Behind the Scenes of the New Penny Dreadful Prequel Comic Book Series

Dark and dangerous secrets will no longer be kept hidden, as horror fans can now uncover powerful, relentless forces from the underworld. Devotees of the genre are now being offered a behind-the-scenes look at content from the creators of the art seen in Issue #1 of Titan Comics’ new ‘Penny Dreadful’ prequel comic book series. The third season of Showtime’s acclaimed, Golden Globe-nominated horror drama series is now airing on Sundays at 10p ET/PT on Showtime Networks. ‘Penny Dreadful’ can also be streamed on Showtime Anytime. The current season features such returning series regulars as Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Reeve Carney and Eva Green. In ‘Penny Dreadful’s first behind-the-scenes video,  [ Read More ]

Witness The Curse of Sleeping Beauty with Ethan Peck in Exclusive Clip

Uncovering the creepily sinister truth of a world you thought you knew can be a harrowing and frightening experience for anyone, even for those who thought they have already contended with their most malevolent emotions. Ethan Peck is struggling to cope with those dire sentiments as he encounters an entirely new, dark vision of the classic Brothers Grimm adventure of ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ To honor the actor’s new film, ‘The Curse of Sleeping Beauty,’ and the gripping new reality his character is forced to confront, Shockya has an exclusive clip from the thriller. ‘The Curse of Sleeping Beauty,’ which opened in select theaters last Friday, May 13, is receiving a wider  [ Read More ]

Witness Strange Happenings in Enfield in New The Conjuring 2 Featurette

The destruction of the seemingly strong connection of a close-knit family is powerfully explored in a new featurette for the upcoming supernatural thriller, ‘The Conjuring 2.’ The video, which is titled ‘Strange Happenings in Enfield,’ chronicles how the devoted Hodgson family moved into a home in Enfield, Englad without having any prior knowledge that it was haunted by a poltergeist. As a result, the relatives were forced to overcome their inner turmoil and bond together, in order to survive. ‘Strange Happenings in Enfield’ was released by Warner Bros. Pictures, whose genre division, New Line Cinema, will distribute the movie in theaters on June 10. The film serves as the follow-up  [ Read More ]

Dark Around the Stars' Exclusive Clip Shows Mark Kassen's Latest Spirited Adventure

Sometimes it takes the experience of embarking on a spirited adventure, and encountering a diverse group of people, to truly realize and appreciate the simple beauty of life. That’s certainly the case with the protagonist in the new drama, ‘Dark Around the Stars,’ who only learns how to embrace his troubled soul after he embarks on an enlightening journey. In honor of that soulful realization, Shockya has an exclusive new clip from the film, which is titled ‘Train Chicken.’ In the new clip, actor Mark Kassen’s emotionally struggling lead character, Glen, picks up a hitchhiker on the highway. Glen asks his new passenger if he wants to go four wheeling  [ Read More ]

The Boy Blu-ray and Digital HD Giveaway Reveals a Family's Menacing Secrets

A young American woman is uncovering the menacing nature of the English family she has recently signed on to care for in this year’s frightening mystery film, ‘The Boy.’ In the latest horror movie from genre director William Brent Bell, ‘The Walking Dead’ actress Lauren Cohan discovers that not every seemingly ideal couple is as endearing and picturesque as they initially seem. That tense revelation is being made as the movie, which is now available on Digital HD, is set to be released on Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand on May 10 by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. In celebration of the horror thriller’s home release, Shockya is offering two lucky  [ Read More ]

She Sings to the Stars

Hope can be found in the most unexpected places, as anything is truly possible, is the powerful message that Larry Cedar is affirming in his new drama, ‘She Sings to the Stars.’ The indie film, which features the ‘Deadwood’ alum as a magician who’s setting out to inspire people to pursue their goals, is motivating audiences in its first clip. In support of the movie’s captivating message, Shockya is graciously premiering the video, ahead of the drama’s wide theatrical release later this year. In addition to Cedar, ‘She Sings to the Stars,’ which was produced by Circeo Films, also features Fannie Loretto and Jesus Mayorga. The drama marks the feature  [ Read More ]

We The People: The Market Basket Effect's Exclusive Clip Shows Customers Becoming the Boss

A community is powerfully uniting, as corporate greed is breaking up a massive family grocery store empire, in Shockya’s exclusive clip from the new documentary, ‘We The People: The Market Basket Effect.’ The clip follows business people and New England residents, including Lowell, Massachusetts native, Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Washington Wizards and Capitals, as they chronicle how so-called financial experts and relatives don’t always know how to best serve their neighborhood. The movie, which was honored with the Audience Award at last year’s Boston Film Festival, is currently playing in New England theaters. FilmBuff is also set to distribute the documentary into screens in New York last Friday,  [ Read More ]

Shawn Lock in Crossing Point

The most resolute people who are unwavering in their determined pursuit to save their loved ones are often the ones who haphazardly put their own lives in danger, without any regard for the consequences. That’s definitely true with the strong-willed protagonist, Michael, in the upcoming action film, ‘Crossing Point,’ which follows him as he purposefully risks himself in order to protect his girlfriend. To showcase his perseverance to defend the woman he loves from a dangerous drug cartel, Shockya has an exclusive new clip from the thriller. The clip, which is titled ‘Andres Helps Out,’ follows Michael as he meets with the video’s title character, who has intimate knowledge into  [ Read More ]


Alexandra Criminal Music Video Review

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Alexandra Criminal Music Video Review

Artist: Alexandra Music Video: Criminal Production: Keith Olsen of Pogologo Productions and Stuart Epps The most passionate people often muster an unparalleled and pure commitment to a gripping stance in life, as their all-consuming devotion infiltrates every aspect of their being. Australian-based singer-songwriter, Alexandra, is one such fierce person, as she has developed an increasingly unprecedented fervor for expressing her true emotions through her music. The alternative pop rock vocalist and lyricist has released the official music video for her latest single, ‘Criminal,’ which relentlessly emphasizes her intense outrage over being hurt by a former significant other. As a uniquely intriguing musician who clings to unconventionality in life, and whose  [ Read More ]


Interview: Kelly Spitko Talks Tri

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Interview: Kelly Spitko Talks Tri

Overcoming harrowing physical and emotional fears is a vital element of life that people in all circumstances should strive to achieve. The upcoming sports film, ‘Tri,’ is an influential proponent of people conquering their anxieties, as the inspiring story follows a medical technician, who has a history of not finishing things, as she suddenly becomes inspired by a cancer patient who’s for her first Triathlon. To help promote the emotionally-charged drama, actress Kelly Spitko generously sat down for a video interview to discuss her encouraging character of Christy. During the interview, Spitko spoke about taking on the role of Christy at the Paramount Theatre in Boston, where the sports comedy-drama  [ Read More ]

Most Likely To Die's Exclusive Trailer Shows Heather Morris Reentering the Murderous World of High School 2

Life-long adolescent rivalries are preventing the past from resting in peace in the upcoming horror film, ‘Most Likely to Die.’ Heather Morris is harrowingly discovering that old grudges die hard as she’s playing the hand she’s dealt in the movie, in which she’s forced to oppose such long-standing opponents as Perez Hilton and Jake Busey. To showcase the enduring struggles Morris’ character is forced to face, Shockya is premiering a new exclusive trailer for the movie. ‘Most Likely To Die’ was directed by ‘Last Shift’ helmer, Anthony DiBlasi, and written by first-time feature film scribe, Laura Brennan. Marvista Entertainment is set to release the horror film in theaters on May  [ Read More ]

Warcraft's New Trailer Chronicles a Spectacular Saga of Power and Sacrifice

‘Warcraft’ is unleashing a spectacular saga of power and sacrifice, in which war has many faces, and everyone is fighting for something. The upcoming action film is exerting its dominance in battle with the release of its latest trailer, which debuted on Facebook. Legendary Pictures, which is serving as one of the drama’s production companies, and Universal Pictures, which will distribute the drama in the U.S., unveiled the clip for the summer’s most anticipated fantasy film. The epic adventure movie is set to be released in theaters, RealD 3D, and IMAX 3D on Friday, June 10. ‘Warcraft’ is based upon Blizzard Entertainment’s globally-renowned universe. It was directed by ‘Source Code’  [ Read More ]

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Interview: Mickey Keating Talks Darling (Exclusive)

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Darling Poster

Having the past relentlessly come back to haunt you can be a truly horrifying experience. The ordeal can be even more terrifying when those menacing memories aren’t even your own. ‘Darling,’ which is the new gripping thriller from versatile genre writer-director-producer, Mickey Keating, powerfully and alluringly explores how the history of a reportedly haunted New York mansion quickly deteriorates the psyche of a vulnerable young woman. The chilling fourth psychological horror feature from Keating was entrancingly shot in black and white in the sprawling city. ‘Darling,’ which enthrallingly focuses on the emotional crisis of the title character through a limited use of dialogue, as it primarily focuses on her body  [ Read More ]

New Elvis & Nixon Featurette Chronicles the Legendary Meeting Between the President and the King of Rock and Roll

An influential moment in pop culture and politics history is set to repeat itself, as a new featurette for the upcoming biographical comedy, ‘Elvis & Nixon,’ has been released. The film’s production company, Amazon Studios, and distributor, Bleecker Street Media, have unveiled the clip, before the movie is distributed in theaters Nationwide on April 22. The comedy’s latest featurette chronicles the legendary meeting between the two title characters, The King of Rock and Roll and President Nixon. ‘Elvis & Nixon’ was directed by ‘Hateship Loveship’ helmer, Liza Johnson. The historical comedy was written by Joey Sagal, Hanala Sagal and Cary Elwes. Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey portray Elvis Presley and  [ Read More ]

The Conjuring 2's Frightening New Main Trailer Brings the Warrens' Paranormal Investigating to England

It takes pure evil to truly rattle experienced paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren. But that terrifying and unadulterated destructive malevolence is grippingly haunting the accomplished demonologists in the newly released main trailer for the anticipated horror film, ‘The Conjuring 2.’ The trailer was released by New Line Cinema, which is set to distribute the sequel in theaters nationwide on June 10. The follow-up to the hit 2013 horror film, ‘The Conjuring,’ was helmed by returning series director, James Wan. The accomplished horror filmmaker also contributed to the supernatural sequel’s screenplay with Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes and David Leslie Johnson. Wan also produced ‘The Conjuring 2′ with Peter Safran  [ Read More ]

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