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Here’s the Walkthrough:

1. Clear off the right table by clicking on all of the items, pick up the table cloth and then the table, Zoom in using the right-click zoom, click the flower pot and take the knife from under it. Put everything back as it was except the saltshaker.

2. Go to the door screen. Use the knife on the ropes holding the sign just over the door and pick up the sign.

3. Go to the Kitchen screen. Open the cupboard under the right hand side of the sink and take the scrubber from behind the bucket. You might want to zoom in on the bucket to see it.

4. Double click the sign in your inventory, then select your scrubber and use it on it, you now have the cookie sheet. Put back the scrubber in the cupboard.

5. Open the oven and put the cookie sheet in the oven, close the oven.

6. Turn the oven on, Click the lower left hand side of the oven and take the hammer. Click around, you’ll get the screen.

7. Under the left sink cupboard and behind the top right corner of the rolls of paper, there is a customer list. Go back to the door screen, there will be a customer at the door. The list is random, compare the list to the people waiting outside, if they match make the pizza on the list. If it doesn’t match then open the small hatch on the door and use your knife on them and they will leave.

8. Take the saltshaker, open the upper cupboard on the cupboard screen, take the mug, the glass bottle and the big spoon. Also grab the glass saucepan and the ketchup. In the top left cupboard take a single glass cup.

9. In the lower cupboard, use the knife to cut the bag of flour, click the bag top and fill the mug by selecting the mug and clicking on the flour, use the glass cup on the bowl with yeast and pick up an egg. Double click on the egg, if it spins keep it, if not try another.

10. Open the right hand door of the closet below the writing “Don’t be poor, have a trap door” and take the rolling pin.

11. Go to the sink/oven, click the tap and select the bottle to fill it.

12. Double click the saucepan, select the water bottle dump it in the pot, then the salk shaker, flour mug, glass cup with yeast and then egg, and use the big spoon to stir it. Turn around a couple of times and the mix will rise.

13. When the dough is over the edge, click it. Double click the dough and select the hand symbol, click it till it doesn’t shape anymore. Select the rolling pin and use it on the dough a few times, select the ketchup and squirt it on the flat dough. You now have the base for all pizzas.

14. Put everything back in the cupboards. Take the cookbook on the right hand cupboard, make note of what you need for the first customer.

15. Get the toppings for your first customers pizza, all toppings except red peppers and shrims need to be slized, do this by double clicking the item in your inventory and selecting the knife to cut it.

Toppings List and Location:
GREEN BELL PEPPER: Basket on the small rolling table
CELERY: Behind the green peppers (slightly lighter green)
CHEESE: On the lower counter, needs the knife to cut of a slice
TOMATOES: right cupboard
RED PEPPERS: behind the tomatoes (top-left of them)

The shrimps are identified by color Norwegian = Red/blue stripe, Indonesian = red/white stripe, Bangladshi = Green/Red Stripe and Guatemalan = Blue/White Stripe. Select the right toppings, put them on the pizza and put the pizza in the oven, close the door and use the hammer on the side of the oven to get it to start. When the oven beeps the pizza is done.

16. Use the oven mittens on the wall, open the oven and take the pizza. Hand it through the door hatch and take the red tag sticker. If you made it wrong, they say NO, put it in the chute next to the oven and start again. If they say yes, put the sticker on the picture with the red fields.

17. Click the rolling table so it rolls forward, click left of the cupboard you have to lower all of the metal pins, this is a pain in the butt.

18. Close the doors on the lower cupboard and upper right cupboard, click the red button behind the saucepan. It will slide left to reveal a safe.

19. Look in the lower cupboard for a sheep of paper with four letters, look at the stickers on the wall and compare the letters with the customer names, add up the long numbers. Enter the number in the safe.

20. Empty your inventory, go to the tables, clear off and pick up. Click the legs on the lower end, it turns 3 times. If the leg pops off, click the top and take the key, put the table back down.

21. Use the key on the safe and take the money, the alarm will go off. Take the cross and use it on the little hole in the front of the closet. Don’t worry, it will break.

22. Take the forks from the sink area.

23. Go to the door and use the knife on the policeman outside, use the fork on him, while he jumps his baton will be visible, take it from him.

24. Use the baton on the hole next to the cupboards and take the secret passage way, You’re out!!!

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192 thoughts on “CHEATS: Escape Ecru Room online flash game walkthrough”
  1. If you messed up the order of the ingredients, the dough won’t rise. Make sure you put them in right, then stir. Close the screen and walk around a few times, then double click the dough – if its over the edge you can click on the dough.

  2. A bad egg won’t crack, once you have an egg in your inventory. Click and select the egg, double click it…if the egg rotates, you can use it – otherwise, trash it in the shoot and grab another one.

    Find the hammer by clicking on the left corner of the oven, click around until you find the screen.

  3. I wrote a small program for solving the peg puzzle. It can find a solution to any combination of pegs you come across in usually less than 7 moves. It finds the shortest solution so you don’t have to keep clicking around a lot.

  4. I still haven’t been able to successfully crack the egg. Am I supposed to crack it into a glass? Every egg I’ve gotten spins around just fine, but none of them seem to do anything else.

  5. You have to select the knife and cut the strings above the sign, click around everywhere until it comes down.

    You really don’t have to crack the egg, just select it and drop it in the clear mixing bowl. Make sure that its the last thing that goes in.

  6. Make sure you have everything you need — especially the water in the bottle and the yeast in the cup. Then select the water bottle dump it in the pot, then the salk shaker, flour mug, glass cup with yeast and then egg, and use the big spoon to stir it. If it doesn’t work you missed something, dump it in the shoot next to the oven and try again.

  7. I think that the egg needs to be faced on its side pointing to the right =] because when i spinned it and it was faced anyother way the egg would not crack so try that see if it works

  8. in order to find the right egg click on it but if it spins quickly and stops right away then use that one. if it spins for longer than 3 seconds toss it.

  9. i dont get what stickers its talking about. it says to compare the note to the stickers on the wall but i cant find any stickers. please help me out.

  10. Megh, it’s behind the cupboard… you gotta look really close on the right hand side… it took me like, an hour to find it…

  11. What is the sticker? I keep sending the pizzas through the door, and they say “Meh!” and then disappear. What does that mean?!

  12. the egg: if it spins fast- toss it (it means its boiled and no good)
    the hammer: click directly on bottom left corner of oven, hit the oven with the hammer at the indentation on right side
    the customers saying “NO”: put the exact ingredients that are listed in the cookbook PLUS what they like accoring to the VIP list

    i did all this, now i have to do the letter and add the numbers part, HUH? any help?

  13. so, i tried to stay one step ahead and made an extra dough while in the process of creating another pizza, now for some reason i have this GIANT pile of dough sitting in the bottom left hand corner of my screen. i cant pick it up and do anything with it…and i cant pick up my damn hammer to turn the oven on!!! any help…i have a head ache


  15. Oh and Jessica you turn the oven on by hitting the right side of it with the hammer. BY the way the hammer is on the left side of the over just click around on the bottom and you should find it!

  16. HELP PLZ, the reason why they’re running away is because they don’t fit the description and theyre not the real person. That’s why they don’t give you the sticker.

  17. Does anyone know where those metal pins are? I moved the rolling table forward and I clicked everywhere but I can’t find them. X[

  18. the shrimp coulers are messed up and they are all wrong so i toke a while and figed it out here it is


  19. the note with the four letters is be hind the counter just keep cliking to the right of the counter (on the side)and you will get it

  20. to make sure you get the right egg double clik on it and clik on the egg wonts it goes to the screen. ifit spins relly fast and takes a while to stop then it is probaly a bad egg to find out if it is good the it should only spin a very little and stopin a very little time if it does theat then it is a good egg

  21. ok i figured it out. for the code u literally add the numbers of the four guys. add as in addiction. u need a calculator for this

  22. Okay since Brian isn’t here I’ll help. If the egg spins for more then at least 5 seconds, its bad and wont crack, if its good then just click the pot then the egg and put the egg in. don’t take the pizza pan out. the first time you put it in you can turn it on because you need the hammer.

  23. Ok so i’m trying to get the safe open and I have added up the numbers a thousand times and I still can’t seem to get the safe open!
    PLease help!
    My numbers are:


    GW-583 Jacob 218675
    AP-563 Mikey 181589
    KU-283 Larry 130575
    AV-505 Boris 220917
    And just in case:
    KV-423 Elvis 177263

    Please help me!
    I keep getting 751756 as my answer but that doesn’t seem to be correct.
    So please help!!!!!!

  24. small tip, put every ingredient on all the pizzas, including every kind of shrimp, and they will accept also, if they say NO, dont throw the pizza out, you can add ingredients to the cooked pizza too, and you dont have to cook it again

  25. OMG i got all of the ingredients. I made the pizza. For example, Serge likes Risky Business with Indonesian and Bangladeshi shrimp. So i got all the ingredients (Indonesian shrimp, Bangladeshi shrimp, Nigerian shrimp, celery, cheese, and tomatoes). First, I put on the three types of shrimp. Then, I’m left with the celery, the tomatoes, and the cheese, but it doesn’t let me put the rest of the ingredients on my pizza. So i stuck the pizza into the oven with only the three types of shrimp, and then the customer said NO! Help, please!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anna… There’s a round dent on the right side of the oven. aim there.
    natalie… That’s fine, you have to let it rise.
    Help PLEASEEE… cut the ingredients first!

  27. Whenever i try to to Risky =Mixture with bangladeshi and indonesian shrimp, no matter what i do he always says NO! what do i do?!

  28. this is rediculous. can’t crack the egg. game designer did a horseshit job. make it POSSIBLE to complete. done wasting my time.

  29. i dont know what to do with the metal pins!! can somebody help me? please? i dont know how u guys got it. im seeing a pattern but i still dont know how to make it all go down,. help please?

  30. is there any other way to get the baton,cause i wasnt able to click on the baton. it fell too fast. i dont know what to do and i cant get the knife from inside. do i have to do the game all over again?

  31. discofire says he wrote a program to help with the metal pegs. so where is it?! i’ve been at this for almost an hour!

  32. Ellen:
    You dont crack the egg. what u do is take the egg, examine it and click it. it will spin. if u spins for a long time, put it back and take another one. if that spins for a shorter period of time take that and put it in the glass saucepan. it’s not always the second egg that works, as long as it doesn’t spin for more than about 3 seconds.

  33. shar,
    to get the knife, clear everything from the table even the table itself. it is the table furthest to the right. then, click the plant on the left and take the knife underneath. you may want to zoom in to see it better (right click, zoom)

  34. OH MY GOSHH!

    OKAY. go to the angle where it shows the metal pins. note down the ones that are sticking up.
    then click the pins that were sticking up. it doesnt matter if they change, you just have to remember what they originally were.

    repeat these steps until all pins are down

    YAY! =]

  35. Man this game is bullshit… I got the right guy and all that ok? and when i give him the pizza the motherfucker laughed and took the pizza without giving me a card that BULLSHIT!!!

  36. i also dont know how to crack the egg.. but i checked if the egg spins–( as the cheat says) (i double clicked the egg and put knife) and it spins!.. i tried and tried to look for the on that does not spin

  37. i dont know how i cracked the egg but it just got cracked when i clicked and clicked it…

    another thing is…
    to see the hammer, just click and click at the lower left part of the oven…click around…

    another thing again is… i cant understand the thing about the pins!

    and another last thing is… should i serve all the persons that will come on the door?

    someon please answer..

  38. I don’t et how you help me!ive the pizza to the coustomer. The dough won’t rise and im just stuck!!!!!

  39. Holy crap! This is so stupid! I can’t get the safe open! I put in the right combo, then i clicked the safe with the bronze key, and i’ve clicked everywhere on it, but it still won’t open!

  40. Khrisna, don’t serve everyone who comes to the door. Only the VIP’s. Say Irwin wears a yellow hat, black coat, green boots, and drives a brown car. If the person standing there wears a brown hat, black coat, green boots, and drives a brown car, then it’s NOT Irwin.

  41. Ehh, I can’t find anybody at the door. Nobodies there, these cheats are not very helpful if they don’t work… Help?

  42. grrr!!!! i have the code i think but i cant figure out how to get the safe open!!!! sumone plzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. to crack the egg double click on the egg icon and then click the egg if it spins for a long time pt the egg back keep doing this until you get an egg that DOESNT spin alot put it in the pot.

  44. i can’t make the right pizza for the last name on the list! he always rejects my pizza though i’ve got all the ingredients in.. is there a mixed up in the colors of the shrimp boxes?

  45. I can’t seem to be able to get the safe open. I’m pretty sure I put in the right code, but when I click the safe or key hole, it doesn’t do anything. Can somebody try to help me, please?

  46. suck, i still notice abt ppls try find or right code… safe code.. huh we beeen try!.. what hell! who make it? then tell us how then we will try. just ask one for last thing.. we wont ask more again.. thanks… if no one tell us… forget abt game.. stupid game alllll over is bullshit.

  47. yes, tumadre… i have key and names with numbers… but it’s still wont open too.. i sick of it already! anyone help us? pleaseeeee if no one help to us… that a damn suck.

  48. How in the hell am I supposed to get the pizza out. I tried with the stupid oven mitt and the effing thing won’t come out.

  49. everytime I go to make a frikin pizza and turn around there is a diffrent guy standing there and I cant make another pizza when I have one for some reason this game is irritating

  50. can anyone help me about the safe lock.. i got the4 letters I+J+L+F. i added all the long numbers after the client id and put the sum on the lock…but its not working!!!!! the safe wont open!!

  51. Ok I have the key and the proper numbers entered into the safe, but for some reason it won’t open… Can someone please help me! I can return the favor!

  52. Im really trying with the metal pins and I just can’t get em down – is there some kind of mathematical trick to it? I’ve only served 1 guy also – how many do I need to serve?

  53. I have read many of your comments and i haven’t completed the game myself but i do know many answers to your questions. the only thing i’m having trouble with is getting people to come to the door.

    FIRST: many people here say that i”if the egg rotates then its a good egg blah blah blah” and yet most people STILL have trouble with cracking the egg! It’s hard to tell “if it spins for more than 3 seconds” i’ve come up with a much easier way of telling if it’s good. just click an egg and try droping it in the pot. if it doesn’t drop in AT THE FIRST COUPLE OF CLICKS then dispose and try another. Easiest way to tell.

    SCEOND: the hammer. the bottom of the stove is brown and green, right where the green meets the brown there’s a corner. click the very tip of that corner and you should find it there. Zoom in if it helps to click it.

    THIRD: there is no reason the ketchup isn’t coming out. double click the FLATENED pizza dough, then click the ketchup, the click the pizza. Easy as pie, or, pizza in this case:)

    Hope this has helped alot. if there’s anymore questions then leave a comment, i’ll be happy to help:)

  54. Lucy, i think the problem is that the egg is bad, u have to make sure it’s good or it won’t crack. the easiest way to make sure it’s good is to do what i explained above. (just click an egg and try droping it in the pot. if it doesn’t drop in AT THE FIRST COUPLE OF CLICKS then dispose and try another. Easiest way to tell.) try it.

  55. all i did was crack the eggs on the white line of the saucepan, it doesn’t matter how long it spins. the hammer you just have to click in between the the stove and the sink. but more close to the stove on the baseboard. hope it helps

  56. ok i’m having trouble with the safe, i got the note behind. in my note i got the four letters i got were
    W-J-E-M for my wall with the red tickes i got
    Card Number JT-593, Name Willy, Client ID 172663
    Card Number IO-512, Name Jacob, Client ID 242897
    Card Number GY-317, Name Elvis, Client ID 175628
    Card Number GO-135, Name Mike, Client ID 233122
    i add the long number and i got 824310 but it didn’t work for the safe.

    there also was a thomas
    Card Number FU-838, Name Thomas, Client ID 211330 but i did not add this in
    i just want to know what i did wrong.

  57. ok i got it, after you are all done add it you have to use the keep to open it. that how you open the safe, just becuse you put the number in it wont open unless you have the key.

  58. this is getting annoying, i’m making the right pizzas but i never get a chance to give it to the people because everytime i turn around there’s a new person there!

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